Back pain: what to do, how to determine the cause of this

Very bad, when the man starts something wrong. Each of us has known pain, and these sensations wants to be altered quickly, to feel in full health. But sometimes, it happens that the pain does not pass by itself and it is necessary to take a number of necessary measures. Very likely, without medical help, practically in many situations, we can not do, and, if one part of our body begins to hurt, we try to visit the clinic, to discover the details of his condition. In this article, we will discuss the issue of pain in the back, as well as everything that is connected with them.

Types of back pain and their causes

the back pain

The back, as it is known, is sedentary part of our body. To ensure the regular training of the back, which will help you to avoid future injuries and damage, you should regularly do exercise. For example, the hands and the feet can be formed even in a natural way and without effort – this is happening during walks, when you wear something weighted.

Many of us have probably heard of the idea that the common cold can be, and is not treated, it in two weeks will take place in himself. But in regards to the back, this will not be. The pain in the back deal of the year, and positive results may not wait. If view the statistics, it is easy to notice that the complaints of back pain are almost the same amount, such as for SARS. What should you do if you have a bad back?

The painful sensations, which feels like a person, can indicate the presence of a variety of diseases of the spine, as well as other internal organs. In order to carefully determine the disease and an accurate diagnosis, the health workers will conduct research, perform analyses required, and may be asked to have an ULTRASOUND. The pain can be draw as in the area of the back and the lower back. It may be in the thorax, the legs and even the stomach.

The main causes of back pain:

  1. Quite a common cause of back pain can be not only the condition of the area of neuralgia, but also those that are linked to the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis is the disease goes completely unnoticed, and the complaints about the difficulty of dos are the only symptom.
  2. Very often, can hurt the back, if a person is sick with a pleurisy. In this case, occurs in acute and chronic processes in the lungs of the patient. In man there is a cough, dyspnea, very wrong in the chest, as often fever.
  3. The kidney disease could well become one of the reasons why the back pain. This is the case, for example, urolithiasis or pyelonephritis.
  4. In very rare cases, the pain in the back is called metastatic cancer to the spine. This also appears to be a pain difficult to bear.
  5. In the case of osteochondrosis, may have the same degenerative disorders in articular cartilage. This disease is better treated hot tub and reflexology. You can even use acupuncture.
  6. When progress intervertebral hernia, a person feels quite acute pain and you will not be able to cope with it. For the improvement of the general condition of the patient is normally used novocaine blockade.

In which case it is necessary to consult a doctor

You start to notice that the nagging pain of worry you more often, and each time, they become more and more strong and nevinosimee? Then emergency, you must pass a medical examination in a health care facility. By telephone or via the Internet for a diagnosis from you, person will not, and it is very common to meet people who are looking for the answer to your question about the health to the Internet. This is not worth it – if the size is highly harming you to lose valuable time that could be used for a doctor's visit. Therefore, only an appointment with a good doctor to help you cope with the disease.

Everyone knows that the diagnosis is at an early stage, it is a pledge of success of the treatment. If the to delay the visit to the hospital, you give the possibility to certain processes in your body far forward, and the consequences can be the most sad. Such an attitude to their health, sometimes leading to surgical interventions, may even be on disability.

Not worth it to define the diagnosis themselves and to choose the treatment. Without further ado, you need to make an appointment with your doctor, and he, in turn, will be able to direct you to the proper specialist, you will be given a direction by passing the necessary examinations. Only after all this, you diagnosed. In this case, with disease of the back is very often the subject of an investigation urologist trauma, are of the x-ray and ULTRASOUND screening.

Help at home

the treatment of the back

If you know exactly what that back pain you have due to poor posture, it is necessary to help themselves. Poor posture, as it is known, creates a tension on the spinal column, where the various pathologies. Contributing to this conclusion in uncomfortable positions for long hours, a sedentary way of life.

Need to take care of his health, to do exercises for the back and the entire body. A great way to relax your back – screws of the unit. As well take up swimming, it is in the water our back can relax, because it takes its natural position.

It is very important to know if every day for a few minutes to stand near a wall, touching her neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves, a simple exercise will allow you to build an ideal your posture, and serve as a good prevention to maintain the correct position of the body.

Of course, each of us knows that to care for her at home, very dangerous, but help to cope with the acute pain is possible and necessary. You will be able to help, even that of a normal shower with water at room temperature, applied to a solid surface.

The back pain during pregnancy

Often, in young girls, finding themselves in an interesting position, the pain in the back. Especially at the end of the period, approximately 75% of women suffer from this inconvenience. In most cases, he whines low in the back due to the new load, which causes the troubling pain. Often during pregnancy, back pain, or because of worsening of degenerative disc disease, or due to diseases of the kidneys, not only the workload may be the cause of your suffering.

In order to relieve their suffering, women who are pregnant, it is recommended to lie on your side with taking the pain. It is possible to put back the dry heat, ointments. The ointment must choose a physician, as for the speakers, it is very dangerous.

Women who have often experienced pain in the back during pregnancy, the trend in the course of childbirth to epidural anaesthesia. It is effective and safe for the treatment of pain. But, nevertheless, this method is seen as a medical intervention, has its contraindications and complications medical. This anesthetic increases the duration of childbirth, which can result in the use of medical devices for the assistance to the woman.