The pain in the back above the waist

The pain in the back above the waist, can be the sign of a major change in your body, but can disappear as fast as it appeared. It all depends on the reasons that cause discomfort and early treatment.

The disease of the spine causing pain in the back above the waist

the back pain

When the back pain above the waist, then the causes may be a disorder more of the spine, complex, whose structure has been breached.

The trauma of the spine, regardless of the victim of the division, can give pain in the lumbar region. Often occur long-term effects of injury, when the pain appears after years and even decades after the injury. Such a situation should alarm the man, because that may develop the fight against cancer.

During the development of a cancerous tumor occurs in the dissolution of bone and cartilage, which causes the highest intensity of the pain. Also the cartilage and the bone tissue can suffer because of many infectious diseases and non-infectious disease, following osteoarthritis, osteoporosis.

Scoliosis, due to the strong deformation of the spine, generates pulses of pain, in fact, broken the osteo-muscular structure of the spine. The offset disc, intervertebral hernia, of large size, with a strong spasm around the muscles of the vertebra can to catch the nerves that leave the spinal cord.

Nervous, the highways pass through quite narrow holes in the os, because, almost immediately, it violates the viability of the nerve impulse, which is the reason for the intense painful sensations.

The pain in the back above the back: causes

The pain syndrome, which is above the waist, may indicate a disease:

  • the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • pathology cardio-vascular system. Most often it is the acute myocardial infarction and angina pectoris;
  • lungs – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • the esophagus. Hernia of the esophagus, which, in its the symptom often has the symptom of pain in the back with the location, just above the kidneys;
  • the urinary system. They include kidney pathology, coupled with the bladder. The crossing of large stones (stones, sand) along the routes, generates pulses of intense pain.

The pregnancy may be regarded as pathological to the organism, but in a period of great "perestroika" of the working of all the organs, the woman may feel discomfort above the waist. In such a state of habit of getting used to not serious enough of the intensity of the pain.

The pain in the back above the waist to the right

The right side of the abdomen is a "container" for vital organs, which are capable of generating pain radiating to the region above the kidneys. In the first place, it must not forget one in the process, the inflammation of which call for an appendicitis.

Acute appendicitis, in the absence of medical assistance, may be complicated by perforation of the intestine, an abscess, peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal wall). The death occurs in a few days or even a few hours, because at the slightest suspicion organise the delivery of the patient in a hospital.

Right spinal pain just above the back can manifest itself acute cholecystitis – an acute inflammation of the gallbladder. This disease cause of the masses who get stuck or who have difficulty passing through the narrow streets gall channels. The violation of physiological bile flow, are beginning to be unbearable pain in the right upper quadrant, starting just above the waist.

The risk factors causing the pain in the thoracic spine

Here are some of the risk factors, which cause pain in the chest, lumbar:

  • some types of occupations, working conditions, related to bodybuilding, strong twisting of the torso, slopes;
  • the overload quantitative of the sphere. The most commonly observed in adolescents;
  • a poor diet;
  • bad habits;
  • martial arts, sports with great competition;
  • the lack of exercise;
  • the office work at the computer.

If you belong to at least one at-risk group, then the health of your spinal column must be treated with double caution. Your lower back not suffer from heavy loads and it is logical to do the prevention exercises regularly attend courses for the strengthening of the bones and cartilage, and, in some cases, take vitamins and calcium. Then the risk of having low back pain in you to decrease.