Osteochondrosis, symptoms, treatment, prevention

Osteochondrosis is a serious disease of the spine, and can cause severe discomfort and lead to various complications. For this reason, it takes time and the right deal. You can do it at home with the help of medication, remedies, physical education and physiotherapy treatments. All curative measures must be approved by a specialist, in the contrary case, there is a risk of development of complications.

What is the osteochondrosis

what is the osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis degenerated degenerative disease of the spine (DSP ), resulting in a disruption of the tissue structure of the spine and intervertebral discs. This causes a decrease in their elasticity, and the change of form. Because of this considerably reduces the space between the vertebrae and we observe an instability of the vertebral column at this place.

Pathological tissue destruction occurs pinched nerve endings, leaving the spinal cord, which leads to a constant tension of the muscles spinal. In this context, the pain and other characteristic symptoms. The clinical signs in this measure vary depending on the segment suffered a breach. Secrete chondrosis of the vertebral column following divisions:

  • cervical;
  • breast-feeding;
  • lumbar.

If the disease process affects several segments, this osteochondrosis polysegmental. Widespread abnormalities were complicated by the symptoms and a lot more difficult to diagnosed, as they may be affected by parcels located in proximity and at distance from each other. For example, osteochondrosis, cervical and lumbar-sacral divisions.

Secrete 4 stages of the disease degenerative disk:

  1. The first. Characterized by initial deficiencies in the area of the disc. Usually, at this stage, the cartilage, tinea vertebra, covered with cracks. The result of this reduction of light between the discs.
  2. The second. Covered with cracks fibrous ring is so narrowed, that the ligaments and muscles of the spine begin to touch and rub against each other. At this point, the man can manifest first pain syndrome, paroxysmal nature. The second step leads to the formation of the instability of the vertebrae.
  3. The third. To erase the cartilage of the joints between the disks. The thinning is detected during the execution of the x-ray, of which the symptomatology is marked, with a more intensive nature. At this stage, the pain syndrome can be removed by the use of powerful drugs.
  4. The fourth. Characterized by an excess of instability of the vertebrae, as they form bony growths — osteophytes. They injure the nerve roots. Generally, at this stage, the symptoms of a number of grants, but manifests itself seasonally (peaks in exacerbations occur in the fall and in the spring).

Psychosomatic degenerative disc disease

Psychosomatic causes of disease – a new direction in the research of the conditions for its formation. Psychosomatic implies the influence of psychological factors on the development and course of physical disease. The link between the body and the mental health issues is really narrow, and with a healthy mind, a person may suffer pain. When the low back pain in some people does not manifest objective reasons for the disease, but it continues to progress.

Up to 30% of patients after a visit to the doctor indicate problems such as:

  • The constant stress;
  • Chronic experiences;
  • The nervous tension;
  • The problems in the family;
  • Conflicts;
  • The moral of the fault.
psychosomatic degenerative disc disease

In this case, the psychosomatic in the appearance of the syndrome of lesions of the spine can be clearly seen a man "running" under the weight of problems, suffers from the spine. If the pathology of these cases, the treatment of degenerative disc disease will be difficult, the medicines are generally of no use. The worsening of the pathology occur when a new wave of stress, and the mechanical reasons for them not.

In particular, often psychosomatic reflects on the cervical region of the spine, but the pain syndrome may be wandering around the vertebral column (post. The treatment of degenerative disc disease one must begin with the research and resolution of psychological problems under the supervision of a psychotherapist.

The Causes of disc degeneration

The main factor in the development of degenerative disc disease is a charge irregularly on the spine.

A common cause of poor (unequal) the distribution of the load on the spine are:

  • used to wear the bag on the shoulder or in the hand,
  • poor posture in a seated position,
  • the sleep is too much of a soft mattress,
  • sleep on a high pillow,
  • the port of anatomically unexpected types of shoes.

Other risk factors also include:

  • physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle),
  • the presence of excess weight,
  • a back injury,
  • injuries of the lower limb
  • flat feet
  • any other violation of musculo-skeletal disorders,
  • the age of degenerative processes of the spine, because of which deteriorates vascularization of the spinal cord.

The stages of development of degenerative disc disease

The developing osteochondrosis always takes place in four stages:

the stages of development of degenerative disc disease
  • The first phase is characterized by the appearance of the pathology in the nucleus of the intervertebral disc. By reason of the natural the charge begins the dehydration process the dehydration) of the nucleus, which leads to a decrease of the height of the disc and the appearance of cracks of the fibrotic ring.
  • During the second phase of the disease happens the discomfort in the form of pain, in particular in some types of load, the positions and the movements of the body.
  • The third step of the degenerative disc disease characterized by the formation of prolapse and protrusions. It may be accompanied by a subluxation and/or development of osteoarthritis of the joints. During some movements may be a feeling of stiffness and lack of mobility. In the members can produce sympathy arrangements, sympathy arrangements, feelings of tingling and numbness.
  • During the fourth phase of the degenerative disease of the disk body, trying to correct the consequences of hypermobility (excess mobility) of the vertebrae, beginning to adapt to violations of the functionality of the spine, and at the points of contact of the vertebrae begin to form osteophytes (new bone of education) in order to improve the fixation of the vertebra.

But, unfortunately, in many cases, the osteophytes cause an attack of the nerves are to are to and even harm the vertebrae. Resulting from intervertebral discs and joints begin to fibrous ankylosis.

The symptoms of the degenerative disease disk

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are discomfort and/or pain in the neck and back.

How are expressed unpleasant sensations, and this, what are the symptoms occur during the development of the degenerative disease of the disk, depends on the stage of the disease and the individual case.

The pathology of discogenic cervical and lumbar are more common than the degenerative and degenerative changes in the sternum.

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease applies:

  1. periodic or permanent sensation of fatigue of the back
  2. minor or even expressed (depending on the stage of the illness) the syndrome of the pain in the neck, the back, the chest, the belt,
  3. tied, chained the movements of the upper limbs.

The clinical picture of degenerative disc disease depends on the location (place) of the pathology, the degree of development of the process, the individual characteristics of the patients.

The pathology of the intervertebral disc, displacement of a parish priest, of the hernia and the skin of osteophytes lead to more diverse consequences.

Among the most common are traffic violations in the tissues, pinching of the nerve endings in the dysfunction spinal canal, swelling, fibrosis structures and tissues.

These consequences may be accompanied to the wide variety of different symptoms, which leads to a specific difficulty with the diagnosis of the disease.

The most common are the symptoms of the degenerative disease disk bad omen these events:

  1. pain in the back, in the neck, the lower back, in a belt, in the area of the ribs,
  2. the discomfort and stiffness of the movements of the torso, which occur in certain positions of the body: on the slopes, the turns, the increase of the muscle tension,
  3. a sensation of numbness of upper and lower limbs
  4. muscle and ease the discomfort, muscle cramps,
  5. headaches, dizziness, fatigue,
  6. pain in the heart,
  7. the violation of the sensitivity of hands,
  8. the muscle weakness.

The diagnosis of the disease, degenerative disk

For an accurate diagnosis specialist refers to those instrumental methods of investigation as:

  • x-rays of the spine,
  • if necessary, the myelography of the spine,
  • the neurological examination of the sensitivity and reflexes of the spine.

Other methods which may be attributed to a physician for the diagnosis and the stage of pathological processes have been installed as accurately as possible, including:

  • ct scan of the spine,
  • nuclear-magnetic resonance imaging,
  • the magnetic resonance imaging.

The possible complications

Many with no particular attention belonging to the first demonstration of degenerate-dysfunction of the processes in the connective tissue of the spine. Such a relationship to her own body can have a significantly negative impact on the functioning of all internal organs. Misalignment of functions of increase of avalanche, and the man can suddenly become a hospital bed. The decrease of the mobility of the spine, the violation of the speed of transmission of signals and the difficulty of nutrients in certain areas of the body, that cause dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, the functioning of joints and ligaments.

Partial or complete destruction of the links led to the development of many chronic diseases. Even a small pain in the spine, suddenly appeared and as quickly absent, must bring a person to undergo further examinations. This will help you to identify the foci of emergence of the disease and with the help of the tools of prevention to avoid the further development of the disease.

Don't pay attention to the early signals, you may encounter more problems:

  • The emergence of strong, long headaches, migraines and dizziness.
  • Problems in the cervical spine can lead to loss of sight.
  • Often, hearing loss is a consequence of the violation of the work of the upper division of the spinal column.
  • The development of the degenerative disease of the disc can be the cause of the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Back problems lead to a strong worsening of the diseases of the genito-urinary system.
  • The lack of a proper treatment of the degenerative disc disease leads to chronic radiculitis and sciatica.
  • the possible complications of the photoLarge workloads and the lack of a system for processing economic of the cause of the intervertbral of the hernia.
  • People stakivayutsya with diseases such as lumbago, spondiloarthrosis, lumbalgia.
  • The long-term development of degenerative disc disease without qualified treatment leads to a stenosis of vertebrate channels, spondylosis, osteophytes.

It should be understood that any disturbance in the functioning of the spine necessarily lead to the development of more complex chronic diseases of the internal organs. The damage vaso-nervous fascicles which makes it difficult for the pace of work of the bodies, disrupts the flow of the necessary quantity of food and the discharge of toxins.

This has a negative impact on the whole body. Accumulate inside the tissues of the damaged cells and the slag to stimulate the development of the institute's malignant. You can suddenly discover that the good health has suffered the damage of the small pain in the lower back, the back or the neck.


To successfully heal the pain in the lower back, you need to pass the details of the investigation and to establish a precise diagnosis. First, doctors perform an external inspection of the patient, medical history of the disease, after laboratory and instrumental methods of the study.

There are 3 ways of therapy:

  • drug;
  • physiotherapy;
  • and surgery.

A large utility in the treatment of degenerative disc disease provide a special diet, the observance of bed rest and minimizing the load on the spine. At rest it is recommended to use a hard surface instead of soft mattress.

At home for the treatment of the disease, you can use the first two methods. By doing this, it is advisable to combine them. To strengthen their action, you can enter in the treatment of folk ways.

However, the use of self-medication is strongly discouraged. All measures and procedures should be approved by a specialist. When the treatment of degenerative disc disease, you must follow certain rules for the use of these methods.

In this case, if the provision of medical treatment of medical care has not yielded results, and as the disease progresses, to prescribe a surgical treatment. The surgery is performed for the stabilization of the structure of the spine, the removal of the intervertebral hernia or fully affected by the discs.


Drug treatment of degenerative disc disease, must be complete, must have for its aim the relief of pain and to eliminate other pronounced symptoms. To do this, use the various groups of drugs:

  1. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs. They are designed to eliminate the inflammatory processes and all kinds of ills. Also they relieve the swelling of tissues.
  2. Sedatives. They are used for the relief of the pain, but do not affect the disease process.
  3. The muscle relaxants. Apply to relieve muscle spasms in the area of the spine, with significantly reduces the sensation of pain. They act by blocking the receptors in muscle fibers, resulting in disrupted conductivity of impulses in the spinal cord. The effect of these drugs is not long, but during this time, the muscle fibers have time to return to normal tone and draw in her own defense mechanisms to degenerate degenerative process.
  4. The vitamins of group B, D, A, E, C, phosphate and the calcium of the medication. For vitamins and mineral complexes are necessary to address in the body of the substances involved in the formation of bone and cartilage, the body's metabolic processes.
  5. Chondroprotectors
  6. Vasodilators drugs.

In the musculoskeletal pathologies, the doctors recommend the use of chondroprotectors with cumulative effect and impact on the human body after a certain time, allowing the conservator to an intervertebral disc. These medicines use a long period of time, up to 2-3 months. And chondroprotectors seriously seeking the liver, and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, because it is necessary to combine them with probiotics.


physiotherapy in the osteochondrose

In the treatment of degenerative disc disease will be useful to the physical form (physical THERAPY). The musculoskeletal system can influence positively the moderate exercise. They stimulate the metabolism, recovery of the mobility of the spine and the muscle-building corset.

The methodology and the schema of the gymnastics required to choose a doctor, because it can vary according to the department of the spine is subject to disease process. It is therefore desirable that the classes are conducted under the control of a specialist. After the development of programs of physical therapy, you can continue at home.

For example, if the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine recommend these few exercises:

  1. Tilt your head forward and put the pressure on the region of the forehead, plaited with the fingers of his hands. The patient should prevent the pressure. This activity iup perform, by working on the part occipital of the left and the right hand to the temple.
  2. Put pressure on the forehead with four fingers, such as reaching the skin, for 45 seconds. Their behavior in the different parts. This exercise is designed to restore blood flow.
  3. Sit on a chair or on the floor, keep the back straight and gently tilt the head back. The hands must be carefully and press the chin to the top or to the bottom. Then, turns the head from left to right.
  4. Try putting the hand on the chin of the chest. In this position, the need to cross hands on the nape of the neck and put pressure on him. In a state of need to dwell on for 1 minute and then perform a movement of shoulder, by lifting upward, trying to reach the ears.


The drug treatment gives a good result, if you combine it with physiotherapy procedures. For the state of the vertebrae are useful for electromagnetic therapy, electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, etc, of Certain types of procedures, you can move on to the house if purchase of the portable devices. The beneficial effects have mineral water and mud.

In the absence of contra-indications to massage for the patient may visit a chiropractor. At the healing of the degenerative disease of the discs can be applied reflexology — the impact on certain points of the body. At home, you can perform self-massage. There are several techniques, contributing to the elimination of the pain and toning of the muscles:

  • light stroking of the spinal region of one or both hands;
  • the kneading of muscles tingling or with a circular motion, lightly pressure fingertips;
  • the kneading of muscles of the palms;
  • a simple study of the trapezoids;
  • the longitudinal and the coracoid process deflection of massage lines;
  • trituration of the spacing between the ribs.

Folk remedies

To relieve the pain, you can use the tools of popular recipes. The result of the treatment of herbs and other natural compounds displayed only when their prolonged use.

Folk remedies is better compared to medicinal drugs, given that these last during the long-term use can severely damage to the intestine, the liver and the pancreas. Therefore, the methods of alternative medicine is best used after the relief of acute pain syndromes of the drugs. Presented ways would gradually replace the drugs at the recommendation of a doctor.

It may be noted some recipes to be effective:

  1. The honey and potatoes. It should take a few potatoes, cut them into strips on a grater, add the same amount of honey. The components should be mixed carefully, put on the gauze, and use it as a compress on the wan site. - Check the application you need to wrap the scarf and leave it in this position for 1 hour.
  2. The horse-radish. It should be take 1 sheet of the plant and boiling water. It is necessary to rotate the front internal of the painful site and apply. Tool, you need to set it up and wrap the scarf. Procedure perform night and remove the bandage only in the morning.
  3. Warm the bottle. It is necessary to take a plastic container, pour in it hot water, put it on the sofa and lie down on her back. It is desirable to try to move the bottle below. The procedure must be completed 30 minutes.
  4. The persil. The need to eat for 30 days, twenty-four of 1 the root of the plant.
  5. The buds of pine. It is necessary to meet in the spring of the raw materials. The length of buds of pine should be 2 to see the Need to rinse and dry. The raw materials necessary to grind and connect with the sugar in the proportion of 2:1, iup mix well and put in the refrigerator. The tool will be ready when will acquire full-bodied with a brown tint. The mixture, you need to eat 1 tablespoon per day for 3 weeks.

During the use of the national means of caution for approach procedures warming effect. These actions can help get rid of the pain and inflammation, but are capable of causing damage. In the periods of exacerbation of the disease is prohibited throughout the warm-up, because they cause a dilatation of the vessels, which could cause swelling. In such situations, you must seek treatment to specialists. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine in any form is prohibited to warm up the neck, as this may cause a strong migraine.

Is it possible to cure low back pain?

A lot of people that have a dystrophic defeat of the intervertebral discs, interested in the question: is it possible to cure degenerative disc disease, and how to do it? The experts of the main clinical of the peace, occupying the treatment of this disease said that if osteochondrosis has been detected early, in most cases, you can fully of all all restore functionality of the spinal column. If the patient is directed to a health institution on 3 or 4 stages of the disease, doctors can only improve its state of health, since entering in this phase of development, osteochondrosis causes the formation of the institute and of the change of the shape of the spine. In these phases, to achieve a positive result, you can only surgical treatment.

After such treatment patients begin by periods of remission, that they will be able to admire to admire to extend yourself, if the recommendations of the doctors:

  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • properly and efficiently eat;
  • diving and physiotherapy;
  • reduce the costs of the musculoskeletal system;
  • normalize sleep, etc

The prevention of degenerative disc disease

Each person needs to carry out prevention actions aimed at the prevention of this dangerous disease that the low back pain. In the first place, it is necessary to constantly monitor your posture, and not only during movement, but sitting at the computer or watching your favorite television show. No less important to do physical exercise, which will strengthen the musculo-skeletal system and will create a corset of muscle.

It is recommended to choose for a night of rest, orthopaedic mattresses, and cushions that are designed to prevent osteoarthritis and other diseases of the spine. In order not to harm musculo-motor of the camera, people need to very carefully to lift and carry heavy objects.

Dietetics (six times per day, in divided portions), which is included ideal well-balanced meals, will standardize the work of several vital organs and systems of the human body. Must not consume beverages rich in caffeine, alcoholic beverages, chocolate. In limited quantity it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in protein, especially liver, meat, legumes.

How to sleep osteochondrosis?

During sleep, the person must be in this position, allowing its muscles and the musculo-motor apparatus completely relax. This is due to the fact that the long-term presence in an awkward position often is the cause of the degenerative disease of the disc.

To reduce the load on the spine during the night, the man must abide by the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to sleep on the belly. During sleep, the person relaxes, and his head can be oriented or rejected. As a result, the blood vessels and arteries unite their efforts to unite their efforts peredelyvayut disrupted the blood flow to the brain, of the cervical spine in tension, etc
  • The best position for rest is the posture of "the embryo", in which it is recommended to sleep for patients with a diagnosis of low back pain. The patient must lie on the side, after which bent, knees, feet, to it it is necessary to tighten the chest.
  • The layout of the berth, the patient must give his preference to the bedding with a pattern. The mattress is better to use orthopedic.
  • The pillow, the people with osteochondrosis, it is necessary to use a small, so that it is placed at the head and shoulders remain on the mattress. Better to buy a prosthetic pillow.