The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.

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Osteochondrosis (bone - osteon, the cartilage - chondros, Greek)– that is, degenerative changes in the cartilaginous tissue disc herniation, which begin with the violation of the food, the weakening of the metabolic processes and lead to aging and tissue destruction, a disc of cartilage and intervertebral joints.

The diagnosis and treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine – it is a complex process, because it is the backbone of the most agile and the musculature that supports the spine, the more limited and difficult training. Another difficulty lies in the fact that the cable clamps of the cervical spine, unlike corsets and clamp the cables to the other departments of the vertebral column to bear quite difficult, because it is impossible to hide under clothing.

Why osteochondrosis

The reasons of occurrence of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine varied – from the genetic predisposition to the permanent higher costs. In the modern world, the osteochondrosis is visibly younger, its symptoms begin to appear in people of 20 years and sometimes less.

The main causes of the following diseases:

  • Static overload when the man is forced to long time in a monotonous posture. Permanent seat in an armchair or behind the wheel of a car is one of the main causes of the degenerative disease of the disk, including in the cervical region;
  • Dynamic overload of sudden movements, turns, mis-calculated load during sports activities. Frequent change of position of the body, the lifting and moving of heavy loads;
  • Poor posture during the time to sit down behind the desk or standing wearing a backpack on one shoulder;
  • A trauma to the vertebrae, the persistence of the myositis of the neck muscles.

The main causes of the disease are compounded by other factors, such as hypothermia, the influence of certain chemical substances from the air and food, the non-respect of the mode of feeding and resting, excess weight, genetic predisposition,trophic pathology of the joints, of hormone disruption. All of these factors by themselves can hardly be the cause of the degenerative disease of the disk, but all in all with the main reasons that they increase the risk.

How to recognize the disease

The signs of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine are so obvious that everybody can easily recognize them:

  • The difficulties encountered in the attempt to turn the head. Depending on the location of the localization and the intensity of the violation of the rotation angle can be different – sometimes, a person absolutely can not turn the head, and sometimes feel the pain of the minor;
  • The neck Muscles are in constant tension, it starts to hurt the shoulder of the belt. Any attempt to straighten the shoulders and relax the muscles of the neck is accompanied by pain;
  • The discomfort in the hand on a length of the shoulder to the wrist. A feeling of numbness extends over the outer part of the hand, and he is so strong, that should move my arms;
  • Cup of acute pain, accompanied by tingling;
  • Even a slight pressure on the shoulders or the arm increases the pain. In the acute phase of the pain may be so intense that the man seems to be too heavy, even draped over the shoulders of a coat;
  • At any sudden movement – sneezing, coughing, turning the head, especially on the healthy side of the neck, the pain intensifies.

The diagnosis of the disease

It is the simplest of the signs of the degenerative disease of the disk, which can notice and acknowledge any a person yourself.

In fact symptoms of the degenerative disease disk cervical vertebrae are numerous. Some of them are so similar to the symptoms of the disease of the SMT and low back pain thoracic vertebrae, that distinguish them will be a specialist:

  • Sometimes, the patient may feel numbness in the lower extremities, which limits the mobility;
  • When the compressed vertebral artery can occur in migraine, which are related to the limitation of the blood supply of the tissues of the brain. During the pursuit of the development of osteoarthritis cervical headaches can become permanent;
  • The nature of the headache can be very different, but they appear most often in the part occipital and moving in the temporo-parietal part. When the slopes and turns of the head pain increases, and if too much of the consciousness;
  • Sometimes there are pressing pains in the region of the heart.

All these symptoms are non-specific and specific for cervical osteoarthritis, as well as the position of the location of the pathology may only be a specialist. In the diagnostic framework used instrumental methods:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Fluoroscopic study;
  • Ct scan;
  • An ultrasound scan.

These and other techniques allow the physician to correctly determine this is the vertebra amazed at how localized spot pathology, and according to the intensity of the problem to assign a proper treatment.

The basic principles of the treatment

How to treat osteochondrosis cervical can determine that a doctor. Self-medication in most cases does not lead to the desired result, and makes the problem worse.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease consists of two steps:

  • The drug therapy, which consists in the suppression of inflammation and resolution of pain. The main drugs – NSAIDS and analgesics which can be taken orally, and can be injected by the intramuscular route. The second route of administration is preferable, because the drug acts quickly and has no impact on the GASTRO-intestinal tract. At the hospital, the patient can carry out the procedure of electrophoresis, which facilitates the rapid penetration of the active substances at the focus of the inflammation;
  • The procedures of physiotherapy, which begin to transition after the withdrawal of the inflammation and reduce the pain.

The main treatments of physiotherapy, cervical arthrosis the following:

  • Massage, which has to make only a specialist. Not worth it to trust The Amateur, because any bad pressure or a sudden movement can result in a worsening of the problems. To enhance the effect of the place of a massage oil, you can use anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment, the active substances in the course of massage is easier to penetrate through the skin barrier and have a direct impact on the hearth of inflammation and pain. The minimum number of sessions – 10, if applicable, the rate can be increased;
  • Electrophoresis using anti-inflammatory and analgesic;
  • UHF, laser therapy, the treatment of magnetic fields.

All of these treatments can be carried out at the hospital, and some of them and at home with the use of mobile devices:

  • Physiotherapy, consisting specially selected complex exercise. For the years used a variety of strength-training equipment, the course must be conducted under the supervision of a specialist. An effective method for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine are exercises on wooden panel, equipped with handles, removable two levels using the loop of Glisson. Do not perform these exercises yourself, because any wrong movement may cause a deterioration of the state;
  • The use of kinesiology tape, which is pasted on the route of the muscle fibers in the area of pain. It takes some of the burden on himself, thanks to what is greatly accelerated the recovery process of the vertebrae, decreases the pain;
  • In the context of a treatment and the future for the prevention, the experts recommend the use of scarves and bandages, for example, a tire of the Ditch. These elastic products support a part of the load, relieve muscle tension, accelerate the process of recovery. This sits permanently in the monotony of the poses, this necklace it is recommended to wear every day on the 1⁄2 - 1 hour for the neck muscles are rested.

How to help you

After having suffered from the disease, patients are often ask the question: what can be done to avoid recurrence or worsening of the disease.

The following main recommendations:

  • It is necessary to lead a good life – go hiking, while working regularly at the institute of 5 minutes;
  • Always with a static position necessarily regularly change their posture and it is mandatory at least 1 time per day, put a belt sheath for the unloading of the muscles of the neck, and leisure;
  • 1-2 times per year to visit the masseur preventive current;
  • Do the sport. The best sport for the unloading and strengthen the muscles of the swimming;
  • When the first signs of cervical osteoarthritis, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will examine you and will prescribe you a treatment.