How to distinguish the pain in the kidneys, pain in the back

It hurts kidney or of the rotation of

Stiffness in the lower back with sudden movements bother a lot of people. Harm to the kidneys or the rotation of the way to determine if the sensations are not clear? In the first place, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of diseases of the spine and vital organs. This will help you have a rough idea of the difference in the pain. Basic, the cause of the discomfort is able to identify a physician, after review and establish a thorough diagnosis.

The pain in the kidneys or back – to the difference of symptoms

The pain crisis in the lumbar region of the spine may immobilize the person for a period of time. It happens in the case of a long stay in the cold or exposure to a current of air. The back muscles are inflamed, spasm of soft tissue, which causes pain in the back, covering a division of the vertebral column. The chronic diseases (low back pain low back) and / or complications of the pathologies of the spine (sciatica) also the sudden attacks from the back.

The main characteristics of the pain in the back

The main signs indicating that the attack the pain started to cause problems in the muscles of the back and spine:

  • the appearance of the unpleasant feeling while lifting the heavy burden and undue stress on the lumbar (walking prolonged, prolonged sitting in the same place);
  • intense pain occurs at the time of the variety of movements of the torso – slopes, turns, change of pos when you are sitting, in lying position;
  • the malaise is manifest in a spectacular way, and on time, leaves a man without motion – sick, frozen in the posture, which caused the poor heart attack.
The main characteristics of the pain in the back
Attention! Very often, diseases of the back similar with the development of inflammation in the kidneys. In this case, you need to analyze the nature of the occurrence of the pain.

Interestingly, the back pain caused by problems in the spine, the body temperature is almost never increases. Except is sciatica acute and execution of the event, when the inflammation and swelling in the area of destruction is very large.

There are a number of diseases of the spine, which are capable of causing abrupt attacks in the back. Most often low back pain, sciatica, protrusion, a herniated lumbar. The offset of the vertebrae, as well as the curvature of the ridge, the inflammation of the muscle tissue and joints are also causing difficulties when driving the trunk lumbo-sacral. When this discomfort may disappear after the give a body to the state of rest.

It is important! The back pain due to disease of the spine, you can relieve ointments with a warming effect, or the wearing of a special corset, and when issues of discomfort in the same way to eliminate.
The signs of pain in the kidneys

The main symptoms of the, giving to understand that the problem lies in the kidneys:

  • disturbances in the bladder (unpleasant pain in the lower abdomen, pain urine, sometimes mixed with blood);
  • the onset of stomach problems and intestinal problems (vomiting, nausea, change of bowel movements);
  • the presence of pronounced bags under the eyes and in the area of the shins, which are visible after one night;
  • fatigue, lack of energy and the onset of sleepiness.
The signs of pain in the kidneys
Attention! In the case of kidney disease the pain in the back can be accompanied with the increase of pressure and headache.
The main differences

A proof of this that the wrong kidney, not spin, is the alteration of the urine. It becomes cloudy and loses its color. The biological material can be with the blood, the mucus, to acquire a dark tea in the shade.

The difference in symptoms is that the pain in the back kidney disease may be accompanied by a high fever. In the case of pathologies of the vertebral column of fever and chills are missing.

The difference of the symptoms lies in the fact that the onset of pain due to the inflammation in the kidneys does not depend on the position of the torso and its movement. While the acute and the attacks in the lower back due to the pathology of the spine occur it is because of the slopes, the curves of the body, the replacements pos.

Also determine if bad kidney, and not far away, you can the location of the heart attack. The discomfort most often occurs from inflammation of the authority, and gives in other sites:

  • next, cover a part of the abdomen and the groin area;
  • in the genito-urinary system to the outside (reproductive organs external);
  • in the area of the bile ducts;
  • in the area of the femoral artery to the interior.
The difference in pain in the back and kidneys

These symptoms will give you the possibility to approximately determine the location of the pain in the kidney or the back. Tell you-even impossible. Understand the true reason of the bad health help the doctor.

Specific pain in the lower back in men and women

Quite often the discomfort in the lower back does not apply to the kidneys, or to pathologies of the back. In men the pain may occur as a result of the infiltration in the genito-urinary system infection, which causes inflammation. Prostatitis is also able to induce discomfort in the back.

Weight lifting, physical activity and sport is also capable of causing men pain in the lumbar region. Usually, after a stay of relaxation or trituration with a warming effect or ointments analgesics space, which is the most disturbing, unpleasant sensations disappear.

In women, the pain in the back is often linked to a month of secretions. It is usually a sign of premenstrual cycle. If to speak about the diseases of women, which can give pain in the back, this is the inflammation of the ovary. An unpleasant sensation in the back of the pathology occur in the middle of the back, or closer to крестцу, do not touch the kidneys. Most often the pain is by taking nature, and accompanied by резями in the groin or lower abdomen.

The attacks in the lower back can occur negative, malfunctions of the bladder (cystitis) and biliary ducts. These afflictions, in addition to the pain in the back, cause in women, frequent urination in the toilet, difficulty and painful emission of urine.

Specific pain in the lower back in men and women
It is important! During pregnancy, there is also discomfort in the back. In this case, the pain may be caused by a great load on the spine due to the growth of the fetus or about the beginning of the fighting.

Who exactly is being done wrong, can only be a specialist after the investigation. Therefore, you should see a doctor if suspicious symptoms in the back.

The diagnosis of low back pain

To identify the real reason of crises lumbo-you need to tell your doctor to send to you. Initially, it is recommended to go to a therapist. It will make a preliminary examination, which includes palpation of the area over the severe pain, will review the complaint and will prescribe the necessary examinations.

To determine bad if the kidney, the specialist can make a few small blows of the lateral part of the palm at the bottom of the back. All events on the part of the body in response to such manipulation demonstrate the pathology in the kidneys. Before being delivered to a clear diagnosis, you need to spend a number of studies, and then go to a doctor.

If you do not know, it is a pain in the kidney, or the spine, methods of diagnosis:

  • the study of the biological material of a patient (urine, blood);
  • ultrasound of the kidneys on the topic of inflammation or tumors in organs of the urinary system;
  • ct scan (computer science and MRI) of the lumbar region of the spine – the identification of the displaced vertebrae, the nerve fibers and the presence of infections in the tissues (if any).
The disease and its diagnosis

In this case, when the integrated diagnosis has revealed the existence of problems of musculoskeletal system, the therapist sends the patient to a neurologist and other specialists. It all depends on identified pathologies. In the case of kidney disease, it is recommended to consult a urologist. Profile, the experts designate an effective treatment that helps you to solve the problem.

Attention! You determine the source of the pain is almost impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will do a complete diagnosis, and will prescribe you an adequate treatment taking into account the characteristics of the patient.

The pain in the back, in some cases, may reflect inflammatory processes in the kidneys or the pathologies of the spine. In the early stages of one or another disease of the discomfort can be the same. Therefore, people is not always clear, a problem if the kidney, and may-back problem. Understand the causes of the low back pain will help the doctor. Especially, when the first signs of malaise, consult a doctor, in order not to run the disease.