The back pain when inhaling

The sensation of pain during breathing

The pain in the thoracic spine during inhalation of air is a sign of inflammation in the lungs or wept. In addition, such a symptom may indicate degenerative defects in the spine (low back pain). The pain in the back during the inhalation may have different etymology. The intensity, the nature of the event, the factors and the characteristics of the localization of this symptom, we will examine below.

The causes of the pain

Pain in the back, prevents them from taking a deep breath, can happen due to many factors. An acute attack is able to occur between or under the shoulder blades, the back, the back to the right or to the left. The location of the discomfort depends on the disease, which causes similar to a symptom. To understand why the back pain upon deep inspiration, it is necessary to understand with possible disease.

A lot of pathology of the organs of the chest can manifest in acute episodes in the upper back. The more often discomfort between the shoulder blades, the chest, under the shoulder blades occurs because of the development of these diseases, such as:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • pleurisy;
  • an inflammation of the spinal column to the muscles (myositis);
  • between the ribs neuralgia;
  • the inflammation of the lungs.

The pain of these headaches happens acute, passes under the shoulder blade. In addition, the pain are able to cover the whole of the thorax. There are other symptoms that will help you to approximately determine the cause of the discomfort in the back.

Causes of pain during breathing

For example, the cutting of the pain in the thoracic area when breathing, and the circulation is characteristic of degenerative disease of the disc. Discomfort increase lifting heavy objects, bending, walking, change of posture. Usually, relief arrives in a state of rest, lying on a flat surface.

When the inflammation of the lungs, with the exception of a severe pain under the shoulder blades, one can observe a temperature above 37, coughing, a little shortness of breath. For long periods of time but suffers from a malaise, permanent fatigue, and weakness. At this time, an unpleasant sensation of back can no longer occur to the right or to the left. In addition, the bilateral cooperation inflammation of the lungs can cause pain in the back in the middle.

Between the ribs neuralgia is able to manifest in the right chest and left. It all depends on the achievement of the nerve root between the ribs. Intense pain during such an illness, entrusts in the back, well felt during palpation. The relief can walk, whether to go on the side, it is the mobility of phase decrease, the seizures diminish.

Intense discomfort during deep inspiration, can be caused to the pathologies of cancer, develops as a result of the germination of the tumor in the envelope for protection of the lungs. In this period, there is a pain acute trusts in the back. The lines of the processes in the upper back can manifest themselves by severe crises left and right, as well as the rear in the middle. It all depends on the location of the malignancy and sealing its degree of development.

Why the pain in the back when breathing
Attention! Cancer of the disease is manifested by acute pain, especially during deep inspiration, already in an advanced stage of its progress. Before this, may appear as cough, malaise, weakness.
The back pain

Lumbar is the more often anxious the man of the unpleasant sensations. This part of the vertebral column suffer the lion's share of all the loads on the spine, therefore, more than others suffer from various pathologies.

The lower back pain when inhaling can be caused by injury, nerve sprouts in the degenerative processes vertebrae (osteochondrosis). In addition, the acute crises and steep (lumbago) are able to occur at the middle bottom to the result of sciatica.

It is to be noted that, in addition to the pathologies of the spinal column, pain lumbosacral sacral region with a deep breath, are able to occur during the acute phase of the inflammation in the kidneys, infectious diseases of the pelvic organs. Intestinal problems can also occur at the discomfort in the back of the back in the middle.

If the low back pain is appeared to the right, there may be problems with the organs of the urinary system in women. Most often, such events had a cyst of the right ovary. Different types of pain testifies to the progression of the disease, and requires immediate treatment. The same can be to the left of the appendix. In this case, you can't tighten it with a call to a specialist. By ignoring the symptoms that you can bring to an abscess or damage to the feet of the cysts, which, in turn, poses a threat of serious complications.

The back pain when breathing
It is important! The frequent occurrence of pain in the lower back during the inhalation or during driving can prove dangerous disease in the body. In this case, it is recommended to pass the exam.

The diagnosis

The pain is of variable intensity and the prevalence obtained during deep inspiration can have many causes. This is why it is important to go through a full diagnosis. At this time, doctors try to examine the factors that cause pain, and using survey methods to determine the level of development of a disease.

  1. The study of the biological material (blood, venous blood finger, the study of urine). Such an approach allows to determine the presence of inflammation in the body, and the severity of the existing pathology.
  2. Material-instrumental methods (ct scan and MRI, ULTRASOUND, x-ray, EKG) give the possibility of finding the disease and the degree of its development. In addition, studies to assess the state of the victim of a vertebral segment or of an internal organ, as well as to exclude other pathologies.

Integrated diagnostics is a guarantee of success of the treatment. Only after the discovery of the source of the pain in the back during inhalation, the doctor can prescribe an adequate treatment, which will be sent to a pathology.

The diagnosis of the pain

The treatment of pain in back when inhaling

The onset of pain in the back, which over time is enhanced during inspiration, has a multitude of factors for the emergence. Its elimination depends on the cause that causes similar to a symptom. In other words, the treatment is assigned after a thorough review, and the definition of the source of the sensations that are uncomfortable.

Identified pathology is usually treated according to the following scheme:

  • the relief of pain (antispasmodic, analgesic);
  • the lifting of the inflammation and swelling in the exposed area (otitis media, tools, muscle relaxants);
  • the maintenance of the forces of the immune of the body – the appointment of a complex of vitamins (particularly effective medicines of the group);
  • the appointment procedures, manual therapy, therapeutic and special diet (depending on the disease).
Attention! All the necessary for the treatment of medicines called a doctor on the basis of the identification of the disease. Specialist has several drugs. Such an approach allows to achieve a better effect in the treatment of such pathology.
How to treat pain in the back when breathing

A sharp pain in the inspiratory time is a sign of pathological processes in the body. Is not recommended engage in self and stupidly to take painkillers in the hope that the disease to disappear. When any discomfort in the back of an urgent need to go see a doctor. This will help you to not run the disease, and to avoid unpleasant consequences.