The back pain and trouble breathing

The inspiration is a rather complex physiological act. Once in the body everything is in order, we don't notice that we breathe. But sometimes, you can feel the pain in the back during the inhalation. What this is due? First, let's understand how happens the breath, and what are the organs involved in the process.

The back pain on breathing – if it is dangerous

During inhalation are involved in not only the bronchial tubes and the lungs, but the diaphragm, the muscles of the chest, on the and neck, as well as межреберные the nerves. The process of breathing is governed by the and the spinal cord. When the intercostal muscle are abbreviated in the state, and the opening is lowered, the volume of the abdominal cavity, is less, and the volume of the rib cage on the contrary, increases. Increased the volume of the chest dilates the lungs, through the bronchi enters the air. As a result, in the lungs undergo a process of gas exchange.

Understand how is produced the inhalation of the air, let's see, what can cause pain in the back during the inhalation.

Pneumonia is one of the reasons

The pain when breathing in the back can occur for many reasons, but the main, it is a good mechanism of respiration appears to be disturbed. And that the mechanism of respiration may fail? Most often the reasons are to be found in diseases of the organs of the thorax, abdomen, localized in the area of the spine of diseases of muscle the muscular system and the surrounding tissues. The pain in the back during inhalation can also be observed during the pregnancy.

In the case where when breathing deep back pain, pain can appear in the result due to pneumonia, followed by pleurisy. Sheets of the pleura, which converge to thicken due to the inflammatory process. During inspiration, they begin to rub against each other, that causes the characteristic pain when breathing in the back. Generally, this is a symptom that accompanies other: dyspnea, fever, cough and general weakness. In the course of this disease because of the cough may appear pains in the muscles spinal. This is due to the fact that at the time of coughing on the muscles of the chest and back responsible for the greatest burden. Accumulated in the muscles of lactic acid is given to the pain in the back during the inhalation.

Reflects the pain

"When breathing, back pain" – with the complaints often turn to the doctor. Similar to a symptom may be a sign of diseases of organs located in the abdomen. Some of these diseases can cause pain in the lower back to the right. The painful sensations in diseases of the stomach, appendix, gall bladder, etc., have often reflected the nature. That is, the patient feels the pain away from the affected organ. The pain apply on the areas of projection.

When breathing pain in the back occurs due to the omission of the opening and increase the intra-abdominal pressure. Reflects the pain of this type is also observed during the formation of tumors, when the tumor is localized in the organs of the abdominal cavity.

The problem of the spine?

However, in most cases, when difficulty in breathing, back pain, the cause, you can find in the diseases, located in the, the high-the departments of the lumbar region of the spine, but also located in close proximity to muscles. What is the disease?

First of all, the osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, and the divisions, accompanied by a displacement of intervertebral disc. When the last patient also often feels that he has hurt the spine in the thoracic region.

Second, quite often when inhaling back pain for various injuries of the spinal cord.

Thirdly, neuralgia between the ribs.

Fourth, if lumbar or thoracic radiculitis, as well as at the myositis. They are often accompanied by pain in the back after sleep.

The cause of the development of these factors are unfavourable factors, such as the different violations of metabolic processes, direct mechanical impact, of hypothermia. In such cases, the back pain, trouble breathing because of damage to the peripheral nerves. In the process of respiratory muscles and the rib is in motion, the result of this movement impacted nerves and generate pain impulses.

Treatment Treatment

As you have noticed, the reasons for the back pain, difficulty breathing, more variety. It is therefore very important not to process the incomprehensible, and to go to the hospital to perform a full diagnosis of all systems and organs. In the survey necessarily include x-rays, ECG, ULTRASOUND of the internal organs in cases of suspicion of a disease. Explore the lining of the esophagus and the stomach. And the pathology, the more the spine of the most efficient way are identified with the help of MRI.

Trouble breathing, pain in the back – immediately contact a doctor!

The causes of the sensation, as it crashes into the chest area

When the press in the chest, the man begins to worry about heart disease. In fact, most of the conditions justifying it have the same symptom, due to the defeat of the myocardium, or heart muscle. However, there are several other reasons which will appear pressing pain in the chest: osteoporosis of the ribs, neurologic diseases, myopathy. To identify the source of the pain, we recommend the algorithm of differential diagnosis of the pathology described in the article.

The pain in the spine during breathing The main causes of the

Tight in the chest for the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine pathology, which is accompanied by a reduction of the height of the vertebral segment and the achievement of the nerve trunks. The compression of the nerve is accompanied obtuse or acute severe, which intensified after the year;
  • gastrointestinal reflux (the casting of stomach contents into the esophagus) occurs after a meal. It compresses the chest because spastic cuts skeletal food the wall. To the side of the body passes from the trachea, therefore, in this pathology is difficult to breathe;
  • between the ribs neuralgia is a consequence of disc degeneration thoracic or injury to the ribs. When the disease is inflamed the nerve fiber, passing between the ribs. The sensations are magnified in the turns extreme, the top of the torso. Breathing difficult when the neuralgia between the ribs, due to the impossibility of expansion and contraction of the chest wall during the respiratory movements;
  • the stomach ulcer and gastritis, disease, accompanied by a strengthening of the selection of gastric juice in the resting state (before the meal). On the bottom of the pathology of the cavity of the stomach builds up gas, which results in the expansion of the authority. The increase in volume is accompanied by a pressure on the diaphragm, that is why the patient is difficult to breathe and you feel tight for the heart;
  • pulmonary embolism is a dangerous disease, which is characterized by an obstruction of the pulmonary artery thrombus (blood clot) or from the air. The pathology observed strong § pain. Without timely treatment, pulmonary embolism leads to death of man;
  • panic attacks, in which tightening of the pain associated with other manifestations of the disease: increased respiratory rate, increased force of heart contractions, seizures, and muscle contractions;
  • angina – an increase of the pressure in the thoracic cage due to a cardiac dysfunction during hypoxia and myocardial. Institute link to the disease is the lack of blood supply in the defeat of the coronary artery thrombus or atherosclerotic plaque. The disease may be the consequence of a prolonged stress;
  • aortic dissection is difficult to consider as one of the main causes of the pain, so that the probability of its occurrence does not exceed 5%. However, the pathology is combined with the feeling of choking in the middle of the chest. The symptoms are in the process of picking up and without treatment lead to the death of the man.

These causes often result in pressure in the chest and right in the middle. Their detection and the treatment of the disease can prevent serious complications. However, the diagnostic algorithm must take into account other causes of the pathology.

Why is hampered by the breathing Why is hampered by the breathing

In deciding, why is the patient struggling to breathe during chest pain on the right, the doctors must cope with a large number of pathologies. To determine the cause of the disease that they pass a series of diagnostic tests:

  • ask the patient to lift the right hand toward the top. If the man is a feeling that compresses the heart to the right, the disease, probably caused by neurological disorders, states of panic, between the ribs neuralgia);
  • analyze the heart rhythm. If it is fast, one can not exclude heart disease. For these purposes, named ECG, cardiac ULTRASOUND and consultation with a cardiologist, after detection of the results of the research;
  • when compressing the chest during breathing, it can be assumed a tumor mediastinal or pulmonary pathology. In such a situation, rationally the appointment of an x-ray or флюорографии lungs. Symptoms such as cough, mucus, and an increase of the temperature, confirm the hypothesis;
  • strongly click to the right, after the taking of food is a symptom reflects the pathology of the stomach or the esophagus. In order to know the causes of the pain is named esophagogastroduodenoscopy and a number of biochemical studies (amylase, ALT, AST, bilirubin);
  • if it compresses the upper part of the torso to the right when swallowing, it can be assumed laryngitis. For the definition of the disease, the doctor will examine the throat and will prescribe you to consult with a specialist. In the case of suspected sinusitis will need to do x-rays of the sinuses;
  • after the injury of the man is also sometimes difficult to breathe. Fracture of ribs to the right, accompanied by the difficulty of the process of respiration.
The data of the cause of the pain right in the chest are the most common, but we can not exclude other etiological factors of the disease. To find them, ask for the help of your doctor. The causes of the pain left

If you experience a sharp pain in the left chest and trouble breathing, the symptom may be for the following reasons:

  • an aneurysm of the aorta – the overlay of ship hulls to the accumulation in the blood and the pressure on the surrounding tissue. The disease is confirmed by angiography (study of vessels with the introduction of them a product of contrast);
  • coronary artery disease (angina) and myocardial infarction, life-threatening disease. The compresses the chest so that it is difficult to breathe, and you get the scare of her life. The sensation of pain to the left show the defeat of the great volume of the heart muscle;
  • ulcer of the stomach crashed into the chest after ingestion. In most cases, the sensations are weakened after taking the tablet (no-spa);
  • pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) also causes a strong pain syndrome in the left chest wall. It intensifies on the background of the intake of food;
  • a hiatal hernia is characterized by difficulty in breathing after meals. The pathology occurs due to the loss of the gut into the chest cavity through a weakness in the diaphragm;
  • the disease of the spine with compression of the nerve root.

The example of the list of causes of pain is not definitive. Right in the chest to cause a painful sensation can be a great list of pathological conditions. We have described the most frequent of them.

Why emissions in the chest in the middle of the Why emissions in the chest in the middle of the

A chest pain in the middle occurs when all procedures in the states. There are a number of pathological conditions in which compresses the middle:

  • muscle spasms occur when making a physical effort, stress and emotions. When receiving muscle relaxants pathology will disappear independently;
  • lateral deformation of the spine (scoliosis) that may compress the soft tissue located in the chest cavity. She can be reached osteo-cartilaginous structures and nerves. A similar situation is observed in the disease of Ankylosing spondylitis, osteochondrosis and hernia of the intervertebral disc.

If chest pain occurs after physical exertion and stress of the nervous, one can not exclude neurological pathology.

In children when these symptoms need to check the throat. By doing this, it is possible the emergence of a feeling that compresses the chest in the middle.

What to do

When the compress in the chest, you must do the following:

  1. Call an ambulance, as well as some of the causes of the disease are life-threatening.
  2. Take the sitting position and try to relax.
  3. When stable angina to take a tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue.
  4. Try them slowly and regularly breathe.

Therefore, etiological factor why the bursting of the rib cage in the middle, to the right and to the left, a lot. Directly determine the cause of the disease can be a doctor. Yourself is not a treaty – it is dangerous to life!