A doctor treats back pain

A doctor treats back pain

If the person has a bad back and he does not understand, what doctor to consult, and to the clinic for the profile of the cabinet is missing, it will help an specialist in the field of therapy. This doctor will take a pre-diagnostic measurements, and then send a patient to another doctor. Today, you will know what doctor to go to, to be so preoccupied by the pain syndrome.

That will help you if evil

The expert of the vertebrolog heals the pain problems of the spine. Doctor neurologist will assist in the achievement of a nerve, and when the inflammation affects the neurons. If the patient manifests the dysfunction of the internal organs, it will help the experts of cardiology, gastro-enterology.

A doctor treats the back? In the medicine of many specialties with a narrow profile. First of all, we can't decide where to go, if you are experiencing back problems. When concerned about pain in the back, a chronic disease, it must first apply to the commissioner for militia of district doctor who takes care of your treatment. The various pains are caused by different pathological processes. The pain can bother the person, or it is short-lasting.

If the back hurts, it is because of the pathological condition may be spondylosis, in which the bone structure of strongly multiply. Also, the patient may drain and weaken the legs. In this case, it is necessary to consult a neurologist or vertebrologu. If the pain is severe, then, most likely, are inflamed muscles. Such pain will be low, but it lasts a long time. The inflammation occurs as a result of what the person переохладился is a known physical stress. Heal these pains will help a neurologist.

The syndrome of the pain stabbing character notes on respiratory diseases, выделяющую the urine. In this case, do a treatment are the specialists in pulmonology, urology. Who to go to if hurt your back? Stab in the back will be when the patient has torn off the back. This symptomatology is, for example, when the between the vertebrae hernia. Help the patient can neurologist or vertebrolog. If you hurt your back, but you don't know what a doctor, talk to a therapist. It will advise the patient, will lead on the diagnosis.

When the doctor will review the information, the clinical analysis of the condition, it is recommend other professionals for treatment.
On vertebrolog

This is a doctor responsible for the diseases of the spinal cord. Such a physician is also able to do various types of massages, and applies a manual therapy, carries out the repair of the spinal cord. The causes of these pains are different:

  • Sleep is very soft or hard beds.
  • A man sleeps in the wrong position.
  • If the pillow, the duvet cover and sheets are made of artificial fabrics.
  • The man is obliged to perform strenuous physical work.
  • Permanent seat in the same position when using the computer.

In order not to be disturbed pain, must comply with the prevention. To sleep on such a bed, whose rigidity is medium, it is advisable to buy for a good night's sleep, an orthopedic mattress. If the surface of the bed has a high stiffness or a bed is very soft, you will have the deformation of the vertebral column. Still need to monitor the posture. If the work is related to a long seat in the same position, it is often necessary to perform the training session, which is well tones and removes stiffness of muscles.

When using the computer, it is necessary to choose an office chair. The back is not will experience a burnout, if the president is going to have a top folder. The armrests will talk about the hand, so the spine will not be strong constraints. Of excess weight it is necessary to get rid of. It is overload of the spine, the likelihood of the formation of the degenerative disease of the disc between the vertebrae of the hernia to increase. It is often necessary to swim, do some physical exercise, then the muscles are in good shape, the back will be flexible. If you must lift a heavy object, the back should be straight, or have problems with the spine.


Find a specialist vertebrologii difficult. In this case, the patient is a therapist, who will refer you to a neurologist. Called the neurologist has the same skills, as vertebrolog. The neurologist's diagnosis with the treatment:

  • sciatica;
  • hernia between the vertebrae of the different stages of development;
  • the disease, degenerative disc, osteophytes';
  • the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and other pathologies of the nervous system.

A person has back pain, but the causes of the pain are different, they can be in respiratory disorders, of the endocrine glands. Also the pain syndrome causes an infectious process, oncology.

Other doctors

If the neurologist does not solve the problem, it is because of the pain can be pathological that affect the kidneys. The patient will then be a nephrologist or a urologist. The pain syndrome thoracic vertebral segment can also occur because of lung pathology. If the syndrome of the pain stabbing in nature, there is a strong likelihood of respiratory inflammation.

The sensation of pain in the chest, for the chest region, the back can cause a pathology of the heart and vessels. Delivery of cardiac stress and assistance will reduce the risk of heart attack and modification in ischemic heart. If the patient has disturbed the metabolism of calcium, the human body suffers from a lack of calcium, you experience problems with the musculoskeletal disorders, the person is going to hurt the back. In this case, the patient needs эндокринологическая the consultation.

Diagnose the pathological changes of the connective tissue will help a rheumatologist. It treats the inflammation of the joints, will help to eliminate the pain. Sometimes, an injury is felt after a long period of time. The patient may forget that there is 2-3 years old, he was injured, think everything just physically reworked. If the pain does not pass, the other doctors do not allow it, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The sensations of pain stabbing in nature may be the result of pathologies of the gastro-intestinal tract (GI). It is ulcerated, in the inflammatory processes of the stomach, gall bladder or pancreas problems, appendix, other GASTROINTESTINAL organs. In case of suspicion of cancer process in the body, you should get advice. Oncology is best treated in the early stages of the training.

Premenstrual syndrome pain for women with problems, the kidneys can very ill. These pains are due to an abnormality of the location of the uterus, of pregnancy, flowing to the outside of the uterus, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs in women. Even if the pregnancy is progressing normally, pain may also occur.

If the woman to choose a jockstrap, the pain stops. A woman needs to consult a gynecologist.

Who diagnose the pain in the lower back area

If the evil at the bottom of the back, a doctor for help? Back pain can be due to problems with the spine or the violation of functions of some internal organs. Therefore, assess symptoms, and then sends them to the correct examiner first the therapist. If it is in an awkward position,with the wrong time at the bottom of the back. But if he is resting, warm, receive massages in the absence of contraindications, this discomfort will take place independently, the medical treatment is not necessary.

If the harm to the lower back, often, the causes are injury, causing fractures of the spinal column. Acute pain syndrome lumbar area occurs due to a herniated disc located between the vertebrae, protrusion. Occurs an irritation of the sciatic nerve manifested clinical sciatica's. The pain extends to the buttocks area of the sole. In one case, one or both feet may become numb, paralysis. In this case, the timeliness of the help neurologist or a neurosurgeon.

Who diagnose the pain in the lower back area

Lumbar sciatica can occur when a person who is clumsy folds up the back. The pain will be to give the gluteus maximus area or the thigh. The patient is worth the effort, and moves with difficulty. Cure sciatica will help your neurologist. The process of causing a pain syndrome of the lumbar area. The patient is then necessary to consult an oncologist.

The sensation of pain in the lower back, the segment can occur due to diseases of the organs выделяющую the urine. With the exception of pain, the man broke up in the urination, there will be vomiting, you experience vomiting, changes will occur with hyperthermia and other symptoms. The patient will help to urologist or nephrologist. If a man has inflamed the prostate, of the pain are different according to the place of location, as painful lumbar area. The pain syndrome is of a different intensity painful scrotum with the perineum. It is necessary to consult a urologist.

The diagnosis

The diagnostic procedure will help you to identify a specialist who will be treating the patient. Held:

  • The study of the urine with the blood, it can help you to identify the inflammatory process.
  • Radiographic investigation with different projections.
  • CT will help you discover the consequences of the injury.
  • MRI is more accurately installs the spread of the disease. More than once in 30 days do not apply.
  • ULTRASOUND detects problems of cartilage, tendons, cancers of the process.
  • With the help of electromyograms recorded the electrical signals, by way of reductions of muscles. This method will determine how well it works muscle tissues.

Worry about the back pain, it is better not to tolerate the pain, not medicate, but at the same time to seek the help of a therapist, who will refer you to other specialists. Then would not encounter in the body to complications that are not always dealt with effectively, therefore, health is best not to take the risk.