A series of exercises for the neck Bubnovskomy

The mode of life of modern man causes frequent disease of the system osteo-articular, namely osteochondrosis cervical. To relieve the inflammation in the cervical region need a lot of time and perform different methods of treatment of massage, hardware procedure, of drugs, of gymnastics. Many professionals to restore the normal functioning of the spinal column recommend to patients to perform exercises of Bubnovskomy in osteochondrosis cervical.

The pain in the neck

Osteochondrosis cervical c each year, rejuvenate, medical assistance makes use of more and more young people. For curative or preventive measures, you can apply the method of the doctor Bubnovsky, the principle of treatment which is based on movement. Exercises are easy to perform yourself at home, even if the hernia of the spine, watching videos. But all the same it is better to refer to c by the treating physician.

The prerequisites, and the symptoms of the onset of the disease

The workplace is very often requires prolonged exposure in a seated position, in consequence of which the muscles do not move, and goes to the stagnation of the lymph and blood circulation. Frequent spasms of the cervical spine, to increase the pressure on the intervertebral discs, which violate the integrity and elasticity. Cause the onset of cervical arthritis can also:

  • the hormonal disorders;
  • rheumatism;
  • hypothermia;
  • injuries of the spine.

A change in the state of the spine, occurs a pinching of the nerves and blood vessels in the cervical region. In the later stages, when work was not performed in a timely manner the treatment of cervical osteoarthritis, resistant spasm of the blood vessels can cause brain damage.

Considering all these factors, the doctor Bubnovsky has developed effective exercises for the neck. Such a load of a system approach relieves the spasms and makes the vertebrae mobile. But for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of Bubnovsky you need to well identify the problems of the area and to establish the correct diagnosis. The do is not able to the specialist, patients must know what are the symptoms can be used as a pretext to consult a doctor.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine the main signs are:

  • migraine and headaches;
  • tingling in the hands and feet;
  • the numbness of the limbs;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • entrapment or exit the vertebrae;
  • the limitation of the physical activity.
The pre-conditions and symptoms
But the main symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis is a pain in the neck, the nape of the neck, which may give rise to the hand or shoulder, and intensify, even at low load.

If the patient feels acute pain home treatment is contra-indicated. It is best to consult a joint specialist, and waiving the execution of certain exercises. In this case, the patient first of all need to treat the drug has been in remission will help technical Bubnovsky. Are also effective exercise for the low back pain.

What is the essence of gymnastics Bubnovsky?

The main objective of the treatment by the system of the doctor Bubnovsky is to strengthen the muscles of the cervical spine and of the recovery of the function of the device of the ligaments. Gymnastics in osteochondrosis cervical Bubnovskomy, provided that the ordinary and in good faith to an exercise program can achieve the following results:

  1. The reduction and subsequent elimination of the pain.
  2. The lifting of the spasm of the muscles of the neck.
  3. The restoration of the circulation and of the circulation of the lymph fluid in the tissues.
  4. The decrease of the load on the spine.
  5. The reduction and stabilization of the degenerative changes in bone and cartilage tissues.
  6. The improvement of the state and improve the metabolism in the inflamed tissue.
  7. Improving the quality of life.

The main difference curative workouts routine load is the individual, the selection of an exercise for each patient c taking into account the characteristics of his disease. In addition, this technique allows to exploit and reinforce the muscle tissue deep.

For even faster cure, cervical osteochondrosis, doctor Bubnovsky has developed a simulator, but of course it is possible to perform only under the supervision of a doctor.

Preparation for medical education

A special training of gymnastics of this method is not necessary. However, the doctor gives you some tips to improve the effectiveness of the training:

Preparation for medical education
  1. First of all need to stretch your hands, neck muscles, and joints, or to the smooth slopes of the head from top to bottom, right to left.
  2. Before the reload will not be useless to take a hot relaxing shower to improve blood circulation in the tissues of the neck.
  3. Once the upload is completed, it is recommended to do a light stretch to reduce the pain sensation the next morning.
  4. Strengthens the effectiveness and approach of the result of the swimming after the end of the exercise complex.
  5. The morning walks in the open air to enrich the oxygen of an inflammation of the muscles of the neck, enhancing their regeneration.

The treatment by the method of Bubnovsky are prescribed by a doctor after examination of the patient. The recommendations of a specialist must be strictly adhered to as cervical is the weak point in the vertebral column. After investigation, the therapist establishes a diagnosis, to identify the focus of inflammation and determine the number of exercises, as well as the duration of treatment. Sometimes, you may need an integrated approach to the application of the medication.

7 years Bubnovsky of the cervical spine

All of the exercises Bubnovskomy is a special gymnastics, in which are the principles of therapy movements. Such a physical form active of all the systems of the body to get rid of the inflammation of the spine.

To cure osteochondrosis cervical, and restore the state of the vertebrae, it is necessary to regularly perform 7 simple exercises:

  • nod of the head (20 to 30 times);
  • tilts head to the side until the onset of pain (20 to 30 times);
  • the rotation of the head (15 to 20 times);
  • touch the chin to the neck tilt the head forward (20 to 30 times);
  • lift the shoulders (20 to 30 times);
  • stretching and contraction of the chin (20 to 30 times);
  • in a sitting position c, the knees bent, it is necessary to lower the head and touch the chin on the knees (not less than 30 seconds).

Rest for 30 seconds between exercises. We will analyze each exercise in more detail.


In the remission phase of the disease is physiotherapy in a system of doctor Bubnovsky:

  1. The spring — done in a standing position c is lowered, the torso of his hands. The head slowly, you have to tilt forward and remain in this position for a few seconds. After which, the head leans back, rises on the chin and still freeze in a few seconds. After which return to its initial position.
  2. Presentation — position, as in the exercise described above. The head, you need to turn right and stay in this position for a few seconds after, turn left and up again to linger on the same interval of time. Repeat need three times.
  3. Metronome — even the position of the body. The head must tilt to the right shoulder and hold in this position for 30 seconds, in this case, when the exercise is accompanied by painful sensations or difficulties in the cervical region the time for the first few course, need a few of the reduce). The head returns to its original position. After which will be repeated an exercise from the left. The number of slopes is of 6 times in each direction.
  4. The oie at the standing position, the hand is on the belt. The chin is aligned parallel to the ground and lengthens toward the front. the head rotates, and the chin need to put on the shoulder, the body also needs a little bit of turn, which is slightly disturbing on the spine, stay in this position for 30-60 minutes. the replays are 6 times on each side.
  5. The heron — the exercise is done sitting on a chair, the head is placed to the right, the hands cover the palms of his knees. After which, the hands are straightened and lying (it seems, like a fisherman demonstrating the size of fish captured) and at the same time the head, you need to switch back. After what to take original position. Hernia of the spinal column in the cervical region can appear pain. This exercise you need to perform slowly.
  6. Complex examination of the position of the body also, as in the example above the year. The head, you need to turn to the right, simultaneously turn the left hand palm on the right shoulder, therefore, for the elbow was parallel to the ground. The right hand should remain motionless on the knee. Return to the starting position and the same thing repeat on the other side. In the event that osteochondrosis of the cervical spine launched, might be able to hear a sound in the spine.
  7. Fakir — the exercise is done sitting on a chair, the hands need to climb to the top of the head and a bit of a corner, the head at this point turn up to the stopper into the side, and hold it in this position, after which turn the head in the opposite direction and further delay. When the hernia in the cervical region can appear, from the discomfort.

In the case where, during the chronic current of degenerative disc disease appears to be worsening and you need to carry medical supplies, the exercises are performed slowly and gently, observing the smallest possible amplitude. In the event of acute onset of pain, you must stop all actions and will appeal to an expert for examination and treatment correction.

Regular exercise and a proper implementation of each of the years in the gym of the doctor Bubnovsky will help you to get rid of the problems in the cervical spine and heal the pain in the lower back.