Why is it so important for smooth posture for children and how to prevent the onset of scoliosis

Why is it so important for smooth posture for children and how to prevent the onset of scoliosis

The correct posture of the student — the object of the apprehension of parents and physicians. What is the posture and the curvature affects the health of the school children will be analyzed in the article.

The posture is formed during the growth and development of the child, from the youngest age. The schoolboy with a good posture should not be deviations prescribed anatomical standards. People are properly earth posture, seen from far away. Head that they still keep the whole law, the approach in them is lightweight, the back is not bent.

The violation of posture in school-age

The violation of posture to pre-define birth defects or inherited characteristics, as well as your illnesses, injuries. Such pathology may be the result of living a sedentary life. The students of the lessons are sitting in front of a desk, at home — you teach lessons to the office. During the school day, for an average of 5-6 lessons, the child appears tired. Immobility decreases the perception of the training program.

Often, the violation of posture in schoolchildren, is caused by the fact that prolonged sitting, table, causes the stagnation of the circulation. Fatigue the muscles of the back, the spine, the neck, the legs. On the signs of fatigue say the shoulders and the head, the movement of the chair. All of these factors negatively affect the proper formation of the posture of the schoolboy. At an early age, the child has the ability to move actively, with the arrival at the school, he must sit down.

The violation of posture in school-age

The baby needs to explain on the importance of the right to take a position in front of a desk. At the time of the execution of the written work, the shoulders must be disclosed at the same level, and the head is slightly tilted. The student must be able to relax in front of a desk in these moments where the teacher explains the lesson. At this time, you can relax and rely on the back of a chair. Respecting the important princes, posture problems can be avoided.

How is the curvature of the posture

The list of the main reasons that lead to violations of posture:

  • deferred previously from an injury or a disease;
  • the neglect of the active life;
  • the lack of hindsight in the course of gymnastics;
  • the disparity of the standards of the bureau in relation to the growth of the pupil;
  • the fatigue of prolonged sitting;
  • a poor position of the office;
  • the failure of the lighting of workplaces;
  • of vision problems.
In order to avoid the manifestation of the problem of posture if possible, eliminate the factors of its distortion.
How to determine the violation of the

When the poor posture in the body occur: abnormal soft, the asymmetry of the location of the shoulders, the bulge of the belly. In medicine, this phenomenon is characterized as a deviation of the spine is scoliosis. To identify and reveal the defects of posture, school-age, you will assist in the inspection of the child.

The examination is performed in a standing position. The heel should be put in place, socks dilute at an angle of 45 degrees. Upon detection of violations of the rules of the anatomy of the symmetry, it is recommended the study of the dos for x-rays This operation is necessary for the detection of pathologies of the vertebral column.

How to determine the violation of the

Visually signs are able to worsen the diseases that can occur as a result of changes caused by the posture. Systematic of the presence of a child to a desk in a poor posture is completed the more serious side symptoms. For example, one leg may be shorter than the other.

Scoliotic violation of posture

The curves of the vertebral column of man are trained at an early age. Any apparent violations because of the impact on the back of a series of unfavorable factors. The time had not noticed the problem, with the years of school is going to acquire more of contortion. As a result, in adult life, it will have an impact on health. When the scoliosis the spine is curved in one direction, most often to the right.

If congenital scoliosis is clear, because it can be the consequence of a susceptibility gene. With the progress of the disease of the case can go worse. Sometimes, the parents do not pay attention on the problem for years. When the interference is possible to see the time, thanks to the correction of the exercise and the control of specialists, the situation is easy to repair.

Exercises for the posture of the students

Simple exercises are organized in the form of training to relieve the fatigue and the burden of the spine. Working with the help of the physical complex on the formation of posture in pupils, we can achieve remarkable results. Perform exercises, it is recommended with the parents or even yourself. The complex will take place as follows:

  1. Standing with прижатыми the buttocks against the wall, just closed together, the heel and after dilute the hands at shoulder level. Palms in front to simulate the slippage of the hands on the wall.
  2. Exercises for the posture of the students
  3. For a good posture child enough rest exactly on the wall. Raise the hands upward, bend the back. From 1 to 10. Relax, get off the hands.
  4. The exercise while lying on the belly. To do this, you have to pull along the body, feet and hands. By pressing the belly and the chest, both to hold up their hands and feet. Good results can be obtained, if delay raised by the position of the hands and feet in a few seconds. Return to the starting position, the exercise is to be repeated.
  5. Lying on the back to simulate the bike. The feet should be at an angle of 45 degrees. Make manipulation with one-minute breaks in 10 approaches.
The most complex and physical exercises for correcting posture preferable to perform only under the supervision of experts, the coach or a doctor.
Prevention of disorders of posture

An excellent prevention will be the self-control the position of the back in standing position and sitting. The back should always remain straight. During prolonged sitting, you need to take a break, you can the doors on a chair or standing in have the air. If necessary, correct the height of the table report the growth of the child.

In a standing position, to better distribute the workload, relying alternatively on one, sometimes on the other leg. Instead of a long stay in a place, it is helpful to walk backwards. To lift the bag or dropped on the ground-an optional object to tilt the back, just sit back, knees bent.

Sit on a chair it is necessary for the spin of the child, a waterproof back. Lessons of sit, rocking back and forth and the head. The soles of his feet must be on the ground. In the opposite case, under the table it is necessary to place the footrest or adjust the work place.

Prevention of disorders of posture

Do not under-estimate the damage caused by a shoulder bag. The wearing of these accessories, instead of backpacks direct threat to the curvature of the spine. Explaining to the child, what posture is important for the students, it is recommended to give more advise.

How to make recommendations to improve the posture

For a good posture in school-age child, it is helpful to adhere to these rules and to make simple recommendations:

  • must be properly organized by place of sleeping, orthopaedic mattresses, and a comfortable cushion;
  • do not forget the shoes according to the size of the foot;
  • the lack of physical exercise, outdoor games, walking is also a great asset;
  • it is unacceptable to hold or sit on a leg;
  • the implantation of carrying heavy loads, not worth it to fill out the portfolio of the excess pounds.

In order to achieve a good posture, you must follow the recommendations and take advantage of the methods that have been developed to improve it.