The reasons for the greatly back pain

Severe pain in the back – a dangerous symptom, which in any case can not tolerate. The causes can be multiple: degenerative changes of the spine to diseases of the internal organs. Very sore back, you must first provide a physiological rest, to take a comfortable position.

The next steps are to call a doctor to the house, and, if acute, unbearable, the pain lasts, when it is difficult to find, facilitating the state of the installation, call an ambulance. If the crisis of man did not come for the first time, and he knows the reason, you can take an analgesic (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication). On the painful place, you can also attach a cold compress. Then, it is necessary to go to a clinic and tell your doctor about the worsening of the existing disease.

The reasons

A man suffering from back pain

A sharp pain in the back has various origins. Syndrome the pain is acute or paroxysmal in nature, appears suddenly worried all the time, or from time to time. The pain may be dull, draw, eripiant partas and intensify after a long stay in one position. Back appears sometimes the sensation of stiffness, gravity, tingling may occur, numbness or goosebumps. A strong sharp pain in the back and considerably reduces the quality of life, reduces efficiency.

In the group of risk are the following:

  1. office workers, programmers, etc, (who have long sitting in front of the computer);
  2. people with excess of weight;
  3. the people leading least practicing a way of life (the physical);
  4. those who work hard, perform intense physical work;
  5. those who have suffered a back injury;
  6. the professional athletes;
  7. the elderly;
  8. pregnant women, women after childbirth.

Cause of the pain may be sharp imprudent movement, of hypothermia. Of the disease, accompanied by pain in the back:

  1. scoliosis;
  2. osteochondrosis;
  3. spondiloarthrosis;
  4. hernia rough;
  5. pinching the roots;
  6. violations of cardio-vascular and respiratory;
  7. neuralgia;
  8. trauma;
  9. diseases infectious processes, tumors, etc

Back pain can be the result of different damage: blows, contusions, fractures, etc Mechanical trauma is a immediate cause of your doctor, even if, at first glance, it seems that nothing serious is not. The syndrome of the pain when the mild infections injuries (e.g., bruises) may appear immediately, but after a certain time. In serious cases, more severe pain can be observed in paresis, paralysis.

To determine the degree of the severity of the condition of a patient to prescribe x-rays, ct, MRI. In some cases, can only help to a surgical intervention, because the conservative treatment in case of injury is only intended to eliminate the symptoms. After the operation, it takes a long course of rehabilitation. Even such a high volume of processing activities does not guarantee that the back pain will not bother the person throughout the life.


The disease process is more often localized in the lower back or the cervical spine of the vertebral column. The vertebrae have a large mobility, they are under a lot of pressure, as the result of irrational physical activity and due to other circumstances leads to pathological changes. The Cartilage tissue is exposed to the exchange value of the violations, the inflammation and accumulation of salts. To identify the disease-degenerative disk make MRI.

Acute pain heart occurs as a result degenerated-of the degenerative changes in the discs. In the development mechanism of the pain is inflammation and the denial of the rootlets. A sharp pain in the neck that radiate to the shoulder belt, the hands, the shoulder blades. As the progression of the disease extends over the thoracic region, pain appear already in sternum. Completely cured of the degenerative disease of the disc may not be, but to improve the quality of life quite possible.

SCOLIOSIS The scales

If irrational, the distribution of the load on the back, the long being in the same posture, sedentary mode of life the spine undergoes a distortion of the change. In the muscles are constantly cramping, nerve endings are violated. Because of this, appear a strong pain. The onset of the disease is often represented on the age of the children, when children begin to go to school, spend a lot of time at his desk, wearing heavy tutorials.

For the detection of scoliosis, special studies are not necessary. The doctor will determine the curvature without instrumental methods during the inspection.

It is a violation of the skeleton, in which the spine is curved to the rear most anatomical of the standard. At the beginning of the disease, the patient appears to be simply ergo fleret inclinavit, such as the development of a pathological process formed a kicker. The shoulders are issued at the front, the chest narrows. Because of this, the intervertebral disks and thoracic are tight, and the pain. The most dangerous is kifoskolioticheskaya the shape, the spine in this bent over in the different departments.


When the disease is changed to the cartilage tissue in the joints. The cartilages lose elasticity and flexibility. The bone tissue is gradually removed, but the form of bony growths pathological – osteophytes. They cause a sharp acute pain, damaging adjacent soft tissues and nerves. Often these patients, surgery is necessary, because the usual treatment gives temporary, symptomatic effect.


Measurement of the wear of the intervertebral discs lose their elasticity and resistance. The vertebrae of the spine during this exercise on the disks that double the load of work. All of this leads to the cartilage tissue begins to emerge in anatomically normal limits.

When the localization of the pathological process in the area of the spinal canal, the sensitivity is disrupted, it can happen, paresis, paralysis. The result of the compression of the roots of severe pain crises. Detect a hernia is possible with the use of CT and MRI. The disease is treated surgically. Now the use of minus traumatica laser intervention to reduce the recovery period.


Under the effect of a traumatic factor, hypothermia, physical overload begins with an inflammation that also affects the nerves. And develops neuralgia. Sign – strong, tribunus plebis modestus, "undermines" the pain in the different parts of the back, to the right or to the left, at the bottom, in the chest, etc, the Pain may occur with sudden movements, a sharp cough.

When this state taking painkillers and tablets anti-inflammatory, organize the correct mode of the day.

The syndrome of the pain in the back may appear in the SMC. The burning pain, a compress of nature, giving in the back, shoulder blades, jaw, left shoulder. It may seem that the evil in the left side. The patient can clearly indicate the location behind the breastbone. The typical sign of the pain – the pain sublingual nitroglycerin. Heart pain after the pill or nitrospray passes after 5 to 10 minutes. If the crisis is at 20 minutes or more, there is an opportunity to reflect on the myocardial infarction. An urgent need to call an ambulance!

One more reason of a strong pain in the back – the renal colic. The process is localized only on one side. The pain is so severe that the patient tosses in bed, can not find the forced position. You experience the dysuric disorders of the urine is a little off, it can be present in the blood. The pain extends from the road to the ureter down to the bottom, which gives in the lower abdomen, adductors. All of these states require emergency!

What to do if the pain syndrome

If the symptoms indicate the coronary, kidney, the origin of the pain (especially if the patient knows that there are problems), it is necessary to call an ambulance. These patients are hospitalized in the intensive care unit. When the coronary syndrome should take a half-sitting position, to loosen binding clothing, take under the tongue nitroglycerin. When renal colic forced to does not, the patient can help the heat to the affected area by the parties. Common pain relievers in the renal, hepatic colic, acute coronary syndrome do not help. The patient is injected narcotic pain relievers.

The above describes a condition that requires emergency care. In other cases, the threat the patient's life is not. If the patient knows that he had back problems, it can to relieve the crisis to take an anti-inflammatory medicine analgesic. It is important to ensure that the full physiological rest, to exclude all expenses in the period of exacerbation.

In the musculoskeletal diseases during exacerbation use of anti-inflammatory, calefactionem cunctam ointments. In severe cases, when the pills did not help you, doctors prescribe injections novocaine, lidocaine blockade. If the symptoms have not disappeared, are prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

As soon as the state gets better, need a appointment to the doctor. If the patient has asked for the first time, the specialist will determine, why got sick of the back and what to do if there was severe pain. In the period of remission, when to attack the pain and collapsed, the patient is prescribed to massage therapy, PHYSIOTHERAPY, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc All these methods are applicable in the early stages of the disease. In severe cases, surgery is necessary.

It is useful to wear special orthopedic braces that support the back and reduce the workload. Such devices have also recommended during pregnancy to reduce the load on the spine. Good effect on back problems gives gymnastics, medical. The complex designates the treating physician, and the lessons to do better under the supervision of an instructor.

Exercise for back

Examples of exercises:

  1. Lie on the back. Bend the leg at the knee. Other fold and unfold, touching the ground. Do 10 reps, then switch legs.
  2. Lie on the ground. Bend at the knees. Of the queue to bring them to knees to the side.
  3. The hands of the put on the shoulders, to make a rotational movement in front and back.
  4. Hands up, concatenate in the castle. Tilt the head back, try to look on the palm.
  5. Turns torso.

It is important not to forget about prevention. If you have a excess weight, you need to reset it. It is necessary to lead an active life, in particular those who are sedentary. Place of work should ideally be equipped, it is best to buy a wheelchair with adjustable backrest. Also need to pay attention to footwear – avoid wearing high heels or models comfortable convention. Diseases of the spine is easier to prevent than to cure, therefore it is necessary to constantly remember the above listed is simple and completely feasible rules.