Why back pain under left shoulder blade: the cause of the pain, symptoms, and treatment

Because the causes of pain under the left shoulder blade, maybe a lot, it is necessary to distinguish the most common of the disease.

  1. Osteochondrosis cervical, and thoracic spine.
  2. Right-handed of pneumonia.
  3. The acute bronchitis.
  4. Abscess of the left lung.
  5. Myocardial infarction (mi).
  6. Angina pectoris.
  7. A fracture of the coast or traumatic serious damage.

This is only a list of diseases that can cause pain.

Of course, judging from the occurrence of a disease by a symptom you can't, and it is necessary to evaluate all of the problems, tightening the circle of the possible causes of the pain.

The symptoms and types of pain

pain in the back

As mentioned above, the pain under the shoulder blade can be quite different, ranging from small unpleasant sensations, and the finish dull, dull pain.

So, what types of pain, you can call it?

  • The acute pain in the bottom, which greatly increases the turns, as well as during the movement.
  • Sharp, cutting sensation of the left.
  • The elastic constant for more comfort, the pain does not stop even in times of rest and peace.
  • The pain is more evident in this case, the person is breathing deeply in and out.
  • The strong painful sensation, which disappears immediately after vomiting or lasting nausea.

The nature of the pain depends on a set of diagnostics and characterization of symptoms. Thus, for example, when the aneurysm of the aorta symptom of the pain is permanent, it does not stop, even in a period of rest.

An unpleasant sensation of develop very quickly, and in a few days take up almost unbearable nature.

When pleurisy the pain is cutting, occurs rapidly and bland. Also the intensity of pain is directly dependent on the frequency and depth of breathing, that is, more deeply, breathing people, the more discomfort he feels.

When the inflammation of the lungs the pain is not intense. In the process of emergence, it corrodes it, gives unpleasant sensations in the whole left.

Each the pain sensation of a sign of a particular disease. However, to arrive at this conclusion on the cause of the problem, it is necessary to make a diagnosis.

And you know that there is a massage herbal for the pockets, it contains aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, heat up the acupressure points.

The diagnosis

Usually the primary diagnosis of the disease occurs during a thorough investigation and inspection.

The doctor establishes depend or not of the pain by movement, the process of the intake of food. Also the specialist determines at what time of the day, evil under the left shoulder blade at the back more often.

During the making of the diagnosis of the disease is usually appointed by the following procedures:

  1. An x-ray examination, you can see the problems of the spinal column.
  2. The removal of the electrocardiogramthat allows you to exclude any heart disease.
  3. If the x-rays is not possible to identify a disease is sometimes necessary for tomography.
  4. May possibly be assigned to the process of Fegds, if the symptoms indicate ulcer, gastritis and other diseases of the stomach.
  5. The process of diagnosis can not do without a total analysis of blood.

Usually the diagnosis can accurately determine the disease and prescribe an effective treatment to eliminate the pain sensations.

How physicians should talk to?

In this case, if the man will produce the sensation of pain under the scapula, it is worth to know which physician contact to the diagnosis of the disease.

Most often a specialist is traumatic, cardiologist, gastroenterologist. In this case, if the diseases are related to problems in the spinal column, must refer to a doctor.

Sometimes, the pain sensation can be caused by severe mental disorders, and in this case, you need to consult a psychiatrist.

Sometimes, the nervous tension, and stress, it is necessary to make a massage cervico-zone, it should descend only from the swelling but also help to get rid of the headache.

Treatment of the pain with the help of a massage

back massage

Massage — an effective way of dealing with serious painful sensations. Of course, to proceed to a massage, you can only if this method of treatment recommended by your doctor.

For example, if the damage to the left side, under the shoulder blade, the massage helps to reduce the unpleasant sensations, sometimes eliminating them.

However, when the ulcers disease, the massage is not conducive to healing, but rather the contrary may result in the deterioration of the development of the disease.

It is very important that the procedure is performed by a professional technician, because you need to know exactly what technique to use, and with what intensity.

Usually, the procedure starts with the warming up of massage, and after a specialist goes to point impact on the extent of the problem.

If in the process, a person is experiencing visible discomfort and a worsening of the pain, the procedure better to refrain.

Each specialist has his own massage technique, but generally, this technique begins to help at least from the third session.


Ignore if a severe symptom like pain in the back under the shoulder blade at the back, this is never.

Most often, it reflects the evolution of a serious illness, and that is why it is best to consult a specialist. He will prescribe you a treatment, discover the cause of the symptom.