What can hurt the back? 7 possible reasons

It is believed that this disease is not curable and the password itself. But in fact, the whole world can be much more difficult. What can be the causes of pain in the back and what are those that require medical care?

pain in the back

Muscle support

Approximately 85% of cases of chronic illness or episodic back pain related to excessive strain on the lower back. Don't be surprised: even if you do not exercise, do not drag the gravity and do not expand beds, day and night, the muscles of your back all the same know daily burnout. When you sit down, for example, in front of the screen, they are the ones who need to maintain the basis mass of your body. Therefore, doctors recommend to those who are working at the table, as it can be "more" to sit in a chair, leaning on his back.

Moreover, a diagnosis of "fatigue back" you will deliver. Usually, mild pain in the back relate to the "undefined causes" (this may be temporary damage to the muscles or ligaments and deal with the quietness and the great pose in a chair. If the pain does not pass after 2 weeks or is repeated regularly, the trouble to ask your doctor to do the more detailed survey.

A compression fracture

According to data from the American medical association, such a diagnosis put approximately 4% of patients with back pain. A compression fracture is a fracture of a vertebra, most frequently in the elderly and patients with osteoporosis. In this disease, bones become less dense and can break simply under the pressure of the mass of the body. Therefore, the fractures following a trauma in this category. Thus, the patient may not notice that will break the same vertebra — speak, these are only acute throbbing pain.

Heal these fractures strict diet and complex of drugs to reduce the pain sensation.

Herniated disc

Hernia — a very common problem, more common in men after 40 (but may be diagnosed and earlier). Because of the degeneration of muscle and connective tissue. With the age of your spine in the way of "settling" — the vertebrae squeeze closer to each other, the intervertebral discs, oblate and bulging of the vertebral column. The result — even a compression of the nerve roots, the nerves, causing pain in the lower back and legs.

Generally, the location of your pain your doctor may suggest the location of the hernia. But to confirm the diagnosis and determine the location of the hernia, holds usual resonance imaging scan (MRI).


This condition occurs in 5% to 7% of the population, although diagnosed much less often (most frequently on chronic low back pain of people do not pay attention). When the spondylolisthesis of the foot of one of the vertebrae (usually the 5th lumbar) be deformed, because of what the vertebra "goose bumps" on the bottom, bulging at the front or the back. The field, corresponding to the spine is similar to the staircase, and not on the post.

The symptoms are the same — the pain in the lower back, sometimes in the buttocks, rarely can it give in the lower limbs. The centre of the vertebra may compress the roots of nerves that leave the spinal cord, which leads to the pain felt.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

The other name of this disease — ankylosing spondylitis. Especially common in men and in elderly people than in young people. Women represent less than one-sixth of all patients.

ankylosing spondylitis

Primarily manifested by pain and discomfort in the lower back, dull pain in the area of the thighs, the permanent tension of the muscles of the back. The reason — the inflammation of the joints and ligaments of the spine. It is the chronicle of a progressive disease, it is hand in the lumbar spine, the inflammation extends to the neck and the thorax. In addition, with time, may be affected by the tissue of internal organs, cardio-vascular system, kidneys, lungs and even the eyes. Moreover, the encounter of this disease is quite rare of its "setting" about 0.35 patients.

The cancer

Approximately 0.7% of the patients complaining of pain in the back later discovered cancerous tumors. It may be a cancer, originally localized in the area of the spine, or metastatic tumor of other organs. As you can see from the statistics, such cases are very rare: usually, the cancer is "catching" by other symptoms, and if you have not had cancer earlier, the pain in the back little hint of you in this terrible diagnosis.

A defeat of the spine

One of the more rare causes of pain in the back (0,01%). Usually, the infection does not begin with the spine and comes up to the lower back through the bloodstream from other parts of the body — urinary channel, for example. Like other infections, is usually accompanied by an increase of the temperature. However, the combination of the "sick of spin + heat" does not mean that you have infected the spinal column. The normal flu is, for example, can cause the same symptoms.