Services grinding of measures to combat the pain in the back!

Even thousands of years back, when the monkey came down in the trees, the vertebral column of man has become for the first time experience of the vertical loads. This has led to this, that there are prerequisites to his illness. Modern of the same age of high technology, are obligations of provisions on labour and the total of the sedentary lifestyle more and more the question arises – what to do if your back pain? The responses to this question, you can hear the multitude, but only the services of good treatment centers and prevention will forget about the pain in the back.

very back pain what to do

Like any disease, pain in the back requires a good approach to determine the cause, it caused. Generally, the data of the pain related to pathology of the spinal column. This is why the need for the consultation of a neurologist, as well as the realization of the x-ray examination, the best among them will be CT or MRI. The completion of the research tool will determine the level of the lesion of the spine, as well as to identify indications for surgical treatment.

Drug therapy to relieve the pain of the

What to do in case of pain in the back? The faster the effect will be obtained from pharmacotherapy. The standard treatment includes:

  • Drugs, muscle relaxants
  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic
  • Vitaminothérapie
  • Chondroprotectors

The medication allowing the filing of a muscle spasm to use in the first hours of acute the problem of pain. The lifting of muscle tension allows you to quickly remove appeared a compression of spinal roots, relieve cramps of the muscles. This leads to a net decrease in the pain. It is also the lifting of the muscle spasm is an important step in the treatment of pathology of the spine.

The anti-inflammatory drugs can quickly relieve the pain and inflammation, if the sore back. They can be used in injections and tablets, as well as the outside — in the form of an ointment or a gel. Vitamin. Strengthens and protects the nerve fibers against external influences.

The b vitamins have the ability to improve the holding of the nerve impulse, which allows to remove many of the negative effects, in addition to the pain.

Chondroprotectors – medications include the chondroitins and glucosamine — these substances, which are in good health of the cartilage and intervertebral joints and discs. When the inflammatory process highlights their lack.

It is important! All the medicines should only be taken on doctor's prescription. Otherwise, you can expect the development of complications, the necessary projection of dosing and other unpleasant things.
very sore back

Treatments non-pharmacological ways of coping with the disease

Unfortunately, the drug treatment of pain is not always available. In case of allergy, intolerance, heavy comorbidities diseases, pregnancy, the use of many drugs may not be. And yet, it is the pregnancy or the diseases are often cause the development of pain. What should you do if a very sore back, and the drugs are contra-indicated? Here you will help non-drug ways:

  1. The massage. The massage is one of the safest of care. The only full counter-indication is the cancer of the patient's pathology. Massage helps to remove the spasm of the muscle, the reflex is to reduce the pain, but will also improve blood circulation to all the tissues. This is a positive impact on your health.
  2. Physiotherapy is also the safest for the treatment. The effects of electric currents, magnetic fields, subcutaneous injection of painkillers, you can achieve remarkable results. A muscle spasm decreases, the back pain will pass in a very short time, weak muscles are strengthened and the nutrition of the tissue improves considerably.
    However, before starting a procedure, you should consult your doctor-physiotherapist to identify the most appropriate method of treatment, as well as to determine possible contraindications (allergic reactions, oncopathology and pathology of the thyroid, and the like).
  3. Manual therapy and acupuncture. These methods are close on the effects of the massage, but act at a more subtle level of interdependence of the reflexes.

Easy the pain an irritation, an offset or the muscles stretch reflex initiates a series of reactions. The result is a decrease in or the withdrawal of the pain, the recovery of sensitivity. It is also a way to support the body in good shape, if constantly sore back. However, to entrust the execution of such a procedure, you can't miss it. In addition to the above methods of therapeutic effects, there is another absolutely safe and extremely effective method of prevention and control of physiotherapy.

Physical exercise to combat the pain, and the prevention of the

The ancient greeks said – in the movement of life. The occupation of physiotherapy in any case, does not exclude other measures of remediation. But it is exercises for back pain can be a means of first aid, until do not have access to other options. This is due to a strengthening of inflow of blood to the inflamed sites, which allows you to speed up the elimination of toxic substances in the inflammation that causes the pain. We can quote the example of some exercises:

  • The exercise of a cat. In a standing position on its four paws, prognut the arc of his back up to the bottom, after that, remain in this posture for a few seconds. Repeat 3-4 times. This burden of pain in the back is particularly effective for the chest and back.
  • Standing join hands behind the back, catching with one hand the wrist of the other hand, after that, press the back in the lumbar region. The exercise relaxes the muscles of your back — first in the chest and transfers the load on the muscles of the arms.
  • Sitting on a chair, tilt your head to the maximum downward, gradually and very carefully. Try to touch your chin to your chest. If touched or the pain does not allow it, bring it back in gradually to the head to the starting position and back a little. Repeat it several times. The effective exercise relieves the muscles of the neck.
very sore back treatment

Every day follow the exercise for you don't get sick and kidneys. The accomplishment of their do not have to worry to the extent of the pain. This is proof that twitched weakened and inflamed. If you have a weakening of the muscles of the back (especially in persons who lead a sedentary life), physical therapy will strengthen the muscles of the corset, and reduce the load on the spine.

Ideal profession, including the work of almost all the muscles of the body, is swimming. Also in the restorative justice services, you can turn on the showers and showers, reflex that affect the whole body.

It is important to know that the burden of pain in the back will be effective only in the case of the ordinary and to run them correctly. The exercise is better to learn to do it under the supervision of a doctor specialist of physical therapy. Then, you can make them yourself at home. Remember the health of your back depends on You.