The pain in the neck and back: diagnosis, symptoms, treatment

Back pain and neck it happens at least once in the life of very many people.

Depending on the cause of the discomfort, a person perhaps with the help of a neurologist, a doctor, a traumatologist or other professionals.

the pain in the back and the neck

Discuss in detail with your doctor apply when the sore back and neck, what to do to remedy the situation.


It is an inflammation of the muscles – the back, the neck, the lower back. Myositis may be a complication of a thing to a viral infection, e.g. influenza.

Often, the myositis occurs after hypothermia, a long-term presence in the wind opened the back and the neck. Appears a sharp pain in peace, and at the slightest movement.

An inflammation of the muscles when you touch a hot, dense, very painful.

This person is difficult to move, but, nevertheless, he should try to enter the doctor – doctor or a neurologist.

After examination, the doctor may prescribe you a supplement of research, analysis, and x-rays to exclude other causes of the pain.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is treated myositis anti-inflammatory means, the peace and quiet of the physiotherapy relatively quickly.

At the myositis it is desirable to use ointments and compresses – inflammation of the arrow.


Very common is the reason for which is a pain in the neck and back pain – common low back pain.

When it is soft cartilage between the vertebrate bones become thin and dense, pinched nerves, occurs a spasm of the muscles of the back.

There is a sharp, pulling pain in the back and the neck, if affected by these two departments of the vertebral column.

It is best to consult with a neurologist, but in his absence, the assistance of a therapist or traumatic. Necessarily carried out x-ray or a ct scan.

On it, the doctor is going to see a change of the vertebrae, characteristic of the degenerative disease of the disc. The treatment is a few weeks, with the inclusion of tablets, injections and ointments.

When the pain dissipates, it is useful to use means of physical therapy, e.g. acupuncture.

To prevent osteoarthritis, it is necessary for the youth to do exercises regularly.

Deforming spondiloarthrosis

It happens that the evil in the upper back or lower back to a particular place. A person may be quite correct to indicate the source of the pain.

Such local pain is often said about osteoarthritis deforming.

This disease affects one or more joints of the spinal column, affecting all its parts.

In case of suspicion of spondiloarthrosis person it is necessary to visit a rheumatologist or neurologist.

Following several investigations, x-ray, ct – doctor-confirms or contradicts diagnosis. Treated deforming spondiloarthrosis a long time.

Completely eliminate the changes of the joint impossible. With the help of anti-inflammatories and pain relievers, you can just clean up the aggravation.

prolapse and herniation

Often spondiloarthrosis occurs after an injury to the back.


It is a slip of the vertebra compared to the other.

Spondylolisthesis can occur after a trauma or because of the weakness of the ligaments and muscles.

Move, the vertebrae pinch the nerves, appears acute, prolonged pain. Look in all the plans is very badly, the muscles of the back tense.

Spondylolisthesis – a quite rare pathology.

With the hint is worth to go to a neurologist, doctors can tell the difference between this disease and the disease degenerative disc or a herniated disc.

Has carried out an inspection and search of the x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging. Often, when spondylolisthesis surgery is necessary. Then the person is sent to the neurosurgeon.

When the spondylolisthesis it is recommended to sleep on the solid, the hard bed.

Stenosis of the spinal canal

Inside the spine is the spinal cord is the nerves that ensure the circulation of the whole body.

In many diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis, tumors of the channel narrows. Then the spinal cord is compressed vertebrate bone.

This causes pain in the back and neck, may be a weakness in the arms or legs.

Stenosis of the spinal canal develops very gradually, the symptoms are strengthening day by day.

Diagnosis a neurologist or neurosurgeon on the results of the inspection and tomography. To eliminate the pain are used as anti-inflammatory analgesics.

In the case where they are ineffective and stenosis progresses, conducted the transaction.

To keep the spine in the correct position for the strictures to help the bandages.

A prolapse or intervertebral hernia

Sharp, sudden pain in the back occur when the herniated disc of the spine. It is the protrusion of cartilage, which appears because of the destruction dense, the hull of the disc.

The protrusion of the pressure on the nerves, causing rendering of the pain. Move the person to the hernia difficult and very painful. The member can almost completely lose the mobility in the case of compression.

Disc herniation is often needs an operation, it is thus necessary to address to the neurosurgeon.

After the holding of magnetic resonance tomography doctor prcisera, is it worth it to perform an operation or until you can resolve the syndrome of the pain with drugs.

Apply anti-inflammatory and pain in injections.

For the prevention of hernia, it should be strengthen the back muscles moderate loads, and avoid lifting weights.

Diseases ENT

Sometimes, pain in the neck and back are not related to the spine. This may be a problem on the part of LOR-bodies.

Heavy tonsillitis without treatment is complicated especially an abscess – a large ulcer on the side of the neck. Appears to be the most powerful of the pain to the back of the neck, upper back.

The movement of the neck are limited and are very painful.

Together with the pain in the person gets up to temperature and the skin in the area of the abscess arrives hot and red. The abscess rvle of the part of the oral cavity by a physician.

Need to the therapy long-term antibiotics. Suspect that the tonsillitis has worsened, an abscess can be shared to the deterioration of the state, in spite of the treatment, a tragedy of the pain.

When the large abscess person can not open the mouth because of spasm of the muscles at the side of the ulcer.

The tumor

Tumors of the spine reveal an ever-pain in the back. It may be as metastasis to other organs, and the proper education of the spine. The pain when the tumors are very strong, aching amplified by night. They are combined with a bad general health, weight loss.

The diagnosis of a tumor is difficult to suspect, because the symptoms are like pain in the lower back, which happens much more often. Aid in the detection of the tumor by magnetic resonance tomography, and blood tests.

The entire tumor needs removal, as it, by increasing, squeezing the spinal cord and cause a paralysis of the hands or feet.

But the decision on the option to uninstall jack neurosurgeon-oncologist – these professionals involved in tumors of the spine.

When a malignant tumour after the operation assigned to the chemotherapy.


Falls, blows, injuries, the back is very dangerous complications on the spine. There is a strong, a sharp pain at the time of the injury.


Depending on the level and extent of spinal cord damage, may lose the motility and the sensitivity of the hands or feet, occur disorders of the function of urination.

In the case of injury of the cervical spine may develop breathing problems and even sudden death.

When any suspicion of a back injury, the man must go to the hospital. The better, if it does, the brigade of the ambulance.

The movement of a person in such a state, you are very dangerous. Can increase the damage of the spinal cord.

Therefore, the best tactic – you call an ambulance and ensure the rest of the victim until his arrival.

The damage of the cervical spine often occurs during a jump in the water in a place where the bottom or objects under the water are too close.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease. It is the immune system of the body attack on itself. It produces antibodies that attack the own tissues of the joints.

Most often it is the small joints of the hands and feet. Rarely the defeat of the spinal column. There is pain in the back, and the impossibility of stooping and bending over.

The movement of the spine are limited.

Usually, the person is aware of the presence in him of rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is incurable completely.

But if you follow the recommendations of the literacy rheumatologist, you can get rid of frequent exacerbations and progression of the disease.

Uses the forces of anti-inflammatory, as well as medicines.

The joints of the rheumatoid arthritis with the time warp irreversibly.


One of the rare causes of pain in the neck and back – dermatomyositis. It is also an autoimmune disease, which deals with immunity.

The basis of the defeat during of the disease of the muscle and the skin. Own immunity to attack and damage. The muscles become more dense, the skin thick and inelastic.

The pain of this constant on the entire surface of the back. The muscles when you touch a solid, but less painful than simple myositis. The diagnosis and treatment dermatomyositis – task a rheumatologist. The diagnosis allows for thorough investigation, inspection, as well as blood tests.

A life-long treatment, with the help of strong hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs, which inhibit aggressive immunity.


Scleroderma is quite rare, manifested by pain in the back.

It is an autoimmune system, which affected the joints, blood vessels, muscles, and many internal organs: blood vessels, the gastro-intestinal tract.

When scleroderma may appear pains in the lower back, and on the back along the neck. The pain is constant, throbbing, accompanied by the particular sensation of tightness and muscle weakness.

In case of suspicion of scleroderma, please contact a rheumatologist. He will conduct a thorough inspection, and to assess the state of the skin and joints.

Necessarily appointed by the analyses of blood, in which the signs of the aggression of their own immunity.

The treatment is similar to treatment dermatomyositis – anti-inflammatory hormone of the tool.

Sometimes the local form of scleroderma, which only affects the skin. His back is not a bad thing.

The Syndrome Of Sharp

This disease is very similar to scleroderma or dermatomyositis.

In its development, also contributes its own immune cells that attack the body. Occurs pain of the back, from the neck to the lumbar region.

Often, the pain in the joints and other organs, as the disease affects the entire body.

The diagnosis is difficult. Doctor a rheumatologist and, after review and obtain search results, exclude other systemic diseases. Only in this case, we can speak of the probability of a syndrome of Sharp.

The treatment is long, with the help of analgesics, hormonal, anti-inflammatory medication.

The system vasculitis

It is the pathology imposed on vessels.

Depending on the size of the vessels, small, medium or large – vasculitis of the system are divided into a number of diseases.

In the development of any of these vasculitis of the attack of the immunity on the walls of their own vessels. They are inflamed, thicken, they may be damaged.

If it is the small vessels, the rash appears on the skin in the form of small or medium-sized points. When the defeat of the largest vessels of the eruption may not be, but affecting the organs, perfused issues in the blood vessels: the kidneys, the heart, the brain.

Heals system vasculitis doctor rheumatologist using vascular of funds and immunosuppressants.

The pain after a massage

The back pain after a massage may be related to a too harsh effects of the masseuses.


Often, especially for sensitive individuals, brittle vessels, after the session, there are small bruises.

This manifests itself in a sharp pain in the back and the next visit of the masseur will be even more painful.

But it happens that the pain is not the fault of the masseur. When there is muscle spasm, the tension of their, during the massage the muscles relax gradually.

While the first two movements of the hand of a specialist will lead to unpleasant painful sensations, and at the end of the session, the muscles relax and the pain will pass.

When emergency a doctor?

  • Back pain can be quite a harmless phenomenon, but it is sometimes necessary to emergency call to the doctor:
  • The back pain is combined with fever – with pidural abscess.
  • The suspicion of pain in the back and the neck of the baby up to a year.
  • Pain associated with vomiting, headache in the back of the head and the inability to flex the neck forward – may speak of tb meningitis.
  • The pain started after a shock or a fall on the back.
  • The pain is not eased in the course of the day.

How to relieve the condition of the home?

If the pain sensation is not strong, you can try to relieve at home before visiting the doctor.

  1. You can use compresses of the leaves of burdock or cauliflower: they remove the swelling of the muscles, reduce inflammation in myositis.
  2. Ointments alcohol, you can use osteochondrosis – they relax tense muscles and relieve.
  3. Often it can help simply to provide rest to the back. In fact, one of the most common causes of pain is overwork and fatigue.

Understand the causes of the pain in the back and the neck is quite difficult. A huge amount of reasons can become the cause of the pain. This article lists the main ones for the present. For the accurate diagnosis and treatment should contact a specialist.

If the pain in my neck and spine and what to do

The neck of the man is considered to be very vulnerable on the torso, and it fills many of the functions of life. This is why the slightest problem with him cause of the pain and a lot of people want to know why hurt to the spine at the level of the neck and what to do in this case.