Why hurt the back, under the ribs?

Obscure pain in the area of the ribs and the back is able to unbalance anyone. The crisis of the pain is not a reason for panic, and the ability to better understand their illness. The pain is a signal that you must take action. In typical cases of pain in the area of the ribs and the back are quite a number of reasons.

causes of pain in the back and the ribs

Group of diseases in which the harm under the ribs

We can distinguish several major diseases:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal system – pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, disease of the spleen;
  • Injuries are injuries and rib fractures, fractures of the spleen;
  • Diseases of the respiratory system – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • Urolithiasis, first of all, the colic;
  • Osteochondrosis and hernias;
  • Diseases of the peripheral nerves – intercostal neuralgia, as well as of vegetative of the violation, in which the pain wanders on the entire surface of the back.

Not worth it to try to understand the reason for you, a review of back-to-back just 2-3 hours.

The gastric pain are always associated with a margin of error in the power supply, and the exacerbation of the chronic disease causes the offseason. The classic time of the pain during the cholecystitis, after 2 to 4 hours after a hearty meal, when splitting food ball requires enzymes and digestive juices.

The pain in the back during the acute pancreatitis is very strong, "dagger", the left-most of the ribs, the crisis can last up to two days. Causes deterioration of the fat foods, especially in combination with alcohol.

Sore ribs and back during the pull of the capsule of the spleen, it is the case with diseases of the blood, disease chronic slow infections, sepsis, autoimmune disease process. Such a pain in the area of the coast of a meal almost are not related.

An injury, including back pain

The most dangerous is the trauma of the spleen and liver, breaks. These organs, parenchymal, and consist of actively benets from a fabric, which is limited by a capsule.

Parenchyma tissue – the main organ that performs the same function. Thus, the parenchyma of the liver consists of hepatocytes.

The structure of this fabric is soft, there is very little evidence to support. Resist mechanical abrasion parenchyma can not. During the rupture of the capsule of the cell "failure". These jumps are dangerous massive krovopoterey, because the blood vessels in the parenchyma around a bit.

When any shock or injury in the area of the ribs of the man necessarily send them to the hospital and go from there as when it does not manifest signs of internal bleeding.

Also dangerous hematoma of the retroperitoneal space, in which the back hurts the back. This happens when the lesion of the kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as 12 duodenal ulcer. Worried about not only the pain under the ribs in the back of the back, but of weakness, accompanied by a drop in blood pressure.

Compared to the rupture of the liver or spleen, fracture of the ribs – hence the reduced risk. Need only be monitored, so that the piece has pierced the pleural cavity.

The pleura and kidneys

The pain in the back and the area of the ribs can be dry pleurisy, when the sheets of the pleura rub together. It is possible during the execution of the tuberculosis process, the process of cancer in the lungs. This pain is amplified when there is any movement, coughing or sneezing. Also concerned about shortness of breath, and in the nasolabial triangle appears in blue.

When the pain in the chest or the back, it is desirable to perform an ecg to exclude myocardial infarction.

Resciesa pain in the back and ribs of the event discharge of the substance of the urinary tract. It is particularly difficult to depart from the urate – precious, composed of potassium and sodium, the salts of uric acid. In appearance, they look like beans. They have an impressive size, very dense. The ureter should develop well, to move this stone.

the treatment of the back

Oxalates less dense, small, crumble easily, but they cause damage on its way inside the urinary system, necessarily resulting in inflammation.

The neurological causes

It is an infringement of the nerve roots which leave the spinal cord. The strain may be damaged a hernia, be compressed in the channel of the bone marrow, the muscle, the piece of vertebra, a bouquet, a bow of the vertebra. The pain in the back and in the ribs very strong, sometimes it is even impossible to breathe.

The guarantee of intercostal neuralgia, when the burning pain pervades every time we inhale, bad all the back and chest. This disease is a complication of degenerative processes that occur in the spine. Contribute to the development of metabolic, a carrier of the virus, endocrine disorders diseases and disorders of the heart rhythm or of the contractile capacity of the myocardium, when the tissues do not receive sufficient food and oxygen.

Obscure remains the mechanism of development of disorders of the vegetative, in which the waves are changing physiological parameters (frequency of breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure), accompanied with migratory pains in the back and the ribs.