The back pain hurts to walk

Sharp and shooting, throbbing, and long-term, temporary, and transient low back pain is always unpleasant. Okay, I don't want to feel again and again. In sensing both, is not simply to attract attention, and you immediately go into a care facility and screening. But a diminution of the pain, we often tend to forget the recent embarrassment. Indeed, already does not hurt, why waste time and money on the diagnosis. Therefore, a lot of people think. However, after some time, the pain reminds

Why kidneys hurt? Seek reasons

the back pain

When you are experiencing an unpleasant sensation in the lower back, the person experiences a terrible malaise. It difficult to walk, sit, lie down and especially getting out of bed, change the position of the body. The pain made the fleeting nature. Sometimes, it is too high and shooting, sometimes throbbing, a long time does not pass. On the normal physical activity, you can forget, if the kidneys hurt. What to do, what to do to get rid of suffering? The first thing you need to do is find the cause, which can be very well. Stand on the scale and find your weight. You gained weight? It is possible that it is because of this, seemed to be the syndrome of the pain. If the person is full, its weight is unstable (severely lose weight or gain weight), then it is easy to answer, why the kidneys hurt. What to do in this case? Of course, an urgent need to lose weight. You put pressure on the spinal column of its own weight. The load is huge. Also it can be due to uncomfortable posture. For example, you have a long time sitting or standing in the same position. To help you in this case, simply. Do some exercises for the unloading of the back, follow the inclinations and circular movements. It must be said that often the pain occurs, if purging the bottom of the back. What to do in this case? Go to the pharmacy. Today, you can buy a lot of heating creams and ointments that does not only relieve pain, but also remove the inflammatory process.

Sick to the back? It is a signal, not a disease

It must be said that the back pain is not a disease. It is a kind of signal from our body, to herald the beginning of the disease. If there was pain in the lower back, what to do, " said the doctor after examination and diagnosis. The fact that the unpleasant sensations may be related to poor posture and curvature of the spine. It is possible that the day before, the man has raised the severity, has been physically active. If the job is something to do with the elevation of goods, it is obvious, a doctor detects a hernia or developing low back pain. Also, after an injury, an injury or a blow to the kidneys poorly. What to do? The key is not to self-medication.

You feel pain in the lower back? Take it seriously on this subject. Of course, it is best to go in a medical institution and consult a specialist. If you for some reason have decided to postpone the hike for a doctor then, he should be helping at home. Remember that self-medication is not always appropriate. So, you have kidney trouble. What to do? First of all, wear a corset or a belt to lock the position. This will help you in the case of a stretching of the muscle tissue in the area of the vertebra. You must restrict his movements. Better lie on your back on a firm surface and relax. The doctors advise to use this position for several days, until the pain disappears. Second, warm up your lower back. Divide the back of the thin layer heating of the tool, wrap around the belt wrap hot and lie under the duvet. The drugs promise to raise you on the feet already 12-24 hours. Allows to massage, but do so only needs to a specialist. The bones of the lumbar region are very sensitive and require skillful handling.

Once again it should be remembered that the medication not worth it. If you are able to help a folk remedy numb the pain, you know it briefly. She will be back. The doctor will be able to find the real cause of your sufferings and you, how to get rid of this pain.

The back pain during prolonged sitting?

The pain in the back more often pursues young

In medical practice, there are cases where patients complain they have a sore back when sitting. Earlier with such symptoms, the doctors addressed the people over forty years.

But today, these complaints are not rare, and for young patients. Most often this is due to a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, now the computers replace outdoor walks, and even communicate with friends.

But apart from this, there are other reasons for sore back when sitting. We will, therefore, for more details, we will understand in this case.

The reasons of occurrence of the pain

"When I'm very sore back". With phrases often enough, you can hear people having a mode of work.

Many of them are beginning to find a variety of excuses, such as: has breathed on the back, or pulled the muscles of the lumbar region.

But the real reason is quite another. So let's look at the major irritating factors that lead to back pain when sitting:

When prolonged sitting is raging loins

  • The disease of the spine, such as low back pain, intervertebral hernia, osteoporosis, scoliosis, protrusion, or osteoarthritis, are most often the reason for the back pain when sitting. This occurs when the person with one of these diseases, the time is sitting behind a table, or a computer.
  • The interruption of the functioning of the muscle tissue. Often in cases of muscle spasm, which affects the kidneys, occurs a pain in the lower back. By doing this, the patients say: "the sensations are exacerbated when I am sitting". It is the seat of more muscle tissue tense that causes the pain.
  • Infectious diseases that affect the vertebral column in the lumbar region, may also be the reason for the back pain.
  • The inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs quite often accompanied by pain in the abdomen, exits at the bottom of the back.

Often because of a poor posture or from excess weight after prolonged sitting suffering in particular from spin, such as the kidneys takes a large part of the workload and causes discomfort.

The diagnosis and treatment of back pain

Identify the causes of back pain must the doctor diagnostician

When the pain occurs in the back when one is sitting, in any case, you can't practice self-medication, that is, rub or warm the damaged area. Indeed, these methods can only worsen the situation and lead to serious complications. The best to seek the help of experts, who, with the precision to be able to establish a diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

For the diagnosis of disorders in which the back pain will use x-rays, ultrasound, a computer, or mri of the spine.

causes of pain in the back

After the establishment of all the causes of pain doctors define treatment methods. Thanks to modern technology and cutting-edge equipment to eliminate the most diseases of the spinal column can be much faster.

But in addition, to obtain the desired result with the particular help of osteopathy. In the course of the proceedings specialist with the help of movements retrieves the spine and eliminates the pain in the back.

Also an integral part of the pain in the back is a drug treatment. To do this, can be allocated to analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and products that improve the blood circulation in the spine. After the elimination of severe pain in the lumbar region are used in physiotherapy methods, which include massage, magnetic therapy, laser and sludge treatment, as well as the shock of the undulations of the therapy.

How to prevent the onset of pain ?

Today, when the major part of the work many of us perform, in the computer, prevent the appearance of pain when you are sitting a lot more difficult. But all the same, there are basic rules, respecting this, you can avoid many diseases.

How to properly sit at the computer

  • Correctly chosen place of work (exclude the upholstered furniture, adjust the height of the chair).
  • Try, even during the time of work to follow the bearing.
  • Do not stay long in the same position.
  • Each time, make a workout.
  • Before consulting a doctor, you can take specific drugs, which support the cartilage tissue in the spine.
  • Practice all the days of jogging in the morning.
  • Spend more time in the open air.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Eat properly and replenish your body with vitamins.
  • An effective method of prevention of diseases of the spine is swimming.

Of course, if you have a work mode, to avoid various problems of the spinal column is very difficult. But, in all cases, these rules will help you to reduce the risk of their occurrence.

Well, if preventing the disease has not been able to, not self-medication. It is better to consult your physician for a qualified assistance.

In fact, many think that getting rid of the pain in the lower back, using the traditional recipes. Compresses herbal of the pain, perhaps, the time is going to pass, but the main cause of the pain syndrome persists.

8 recommendations concerning the resolution of the pain in the back

For sure, everyone knows the situation, when a strong rotation, or skew reduces the back, there is a sharp pain and the adjustment of the spine book monstrous of the flour. Unfortunately, it is a kind of "map" of the man for his ability to walk exactly on both legs. But is this discomfort in the back we will continue permanently, offering a lot of inconvenience and of the shadow our existence?

Let's try to understand. Because, on our body, does not cease, the force of gravity, the spine is located all the time in the voltage, it is compressed, especially if we spend a large part of his life in a static position. In addition, the spine gets a larger workload, while travelling in public transport, as it is constantly shaken.

A feeling of numbness in the feet and hands, fatigue and weakness – this is one of the first symptoms of problems of the spine, which can not be ignored. How to help oneself, if all of a sudden you felt a sharp pain? To begin, you must determine the exact cause of the pain, an MRI, and then start the treatment. However, to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the spine, all the same, perhaps.

Just a few simple recommendations:

1. The movement of life

Try to monitor his weight and keep your body in good physical shape. To do this, the physical exercise may be the norm, move more, spend less time in a static, seated position, have fun during the day to light exercise. The more you exercise, the more your muscles, and your body.

2. Say "no" to smoke

Contained in the cigarettes of the nicotine, destroyed the normal balance of water in the body, making the intervertebral discs fragile, therefore, they become vulnerable to various diseases and disorders.

3. Try to sit and walk with a back

During the day, many of us need to be in a sitting position. Therefore, it is important to do it properly, without using once more the back and the spinal column. If you are working in front of a computer, and then place it on the screen was clearly in front of your eyes, slightly tilted to the horse. When this tilt of the chair should be such that the lower limbs freely were under the table, at an angle of ninety degrees to the ground.

4. Use a laptop and a phone at a minimum

It is believed that a laptop is not a very successful invention in terms of ergonomics and comfort. The mobile phones #8212; is not much better in this respect, indeed, during the use of the telephone, we unintentionally throws head to the side, which leads to disturbances in the neck. Therefore, it is recommended to use a headset.

5. Take short breaks, if the work involves a long-emis in the same position

Better, if they are short breaks, than in a large, indeed, so that the back was not the time to overwork, and the load on the spine is distributed more evenly. Stroll a few minutes in the street or in the room, therefore, you remove the excess of the peak voltage.

6. Note that you sleep

A good sleep is sleep, lying on the side, the rigidity of the mattress needs to be high. The so-called "posture of embryo" relieves tension of the vertebral column, which has accumulated in the course of your work day. If you place a pillow between the legs, and also remove the tension of the knee joints.

From the medical point of view, the more "bad" posture of sleep on the belly, because it increases the workload on a ridge several times.


Pay attention to the minimum configuration of the discomfort in the back, try to take the strain elongate and relax on your back. Take analgesic medication. If you feel a sense of numbness in the limbs, don't forget to consult with a specialist.

7. Try to speed up the rehabilitation process

If the pain in the back does not allow you to move, try to let it run back into the self, the safe mode, that is, when swimming or walking. In this way, you can unload the spine, without the risk of aggravating the general condition.

8. Reduce the workload and specific movements

Do not force your back, do not lean, keep your back straight. If you walk into a workout in the room, this is not worth it to do vertical squats with weights, as well as the load on the shoulders and the abdominal exercises. Not it is also recommended to run.